Motichur Laddu recipe

Motichur Laddu recipe


Motichoor Ladoo recipe


Ingredients to prepare Motichur Laddu :

For the syrup:  
Sugar  2 cups
Water  1 cup
Saffron  a pinch
For preparing the boondi:  
Besan/gram flour  2 cups
Saffron  pinch
Water  1 ½ cup
Badi elaichi  4 to 5
Melon seeds ½ table spoon
Oil  for deep frying


Motichur Laddu preparation method :

Motichur Laddu recipe
Motichur Laddu recipe

Preparing the sugar syrup:

Cook sugar, water and saffron in a pan till the sugar solution reaches one thread consistency and then switch off the flame.


Preparing the boondi:

Mix Gram flour, saffron and water in a bowl to make a smooth flowing batter without any lumps (it should neither  be thick nor thick).

Heat oil in pan, the oil has to be moderately hot.

Take a perforated ladle,  with your hands position the ladle above the oil.

Take a large spoon of the besan batter and pour it on perforated ladle. Press with the other spoon so that the batter falls down from the perforations into the hot oil.

Fry the boondi  till they turn golden colour. Don’t over fry or make them crisp.

Collect the fried boondi use a large slotted jhara. Drain the oil well after removing the boondi and then add them directly into the hot sugar syrup.

Make all the boondis from the batter and mix well. The boondis should get softened in the sugar syrup.

In a blender or mixer add the boondi and the sugar syrup. add 1 table spoon of hot water and pulse the boondi mixture for a few times to get a smaller shape.

Add the melon seeds and black cardamom seeds and mix well.

Apply some oil or ghee on your palms and shape the motichoor ladoos. The mixture must be warm when preparing the ladoos because when cooled they become firm.

You can garnish the motichoor ladoos with melon seeds or raisins.

Now the Motichoor laddoos are ready to serve.