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Konark sun temple

Arunachal Pradesh Temples:

Arunachal Pradesh is known as the land of temples. in India Arunachal Pradesh has Buddhist Monasteries and Temples. Parashuram Kund is a prominent pilgrimage site. A new, beautiful yellow-roofed shrine, it rises in well-maintained grounds behind a stupa bearing the portrait of a monk in Arunachal Pradesh. At one side is a tree planted by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Buddhist  come to this place throughout the year to pay their reverence in the temple, achieve the path of enlightenment, as the Lord Buddha achieved in Arunachal Pradesh. More…….

Assam Temples:

Assam has several temples in India, this ancient lands mentioned in the Indian epics .The Saivite, Vaishnava and the centers of Sun Worship. Famous temples Kamakhya Devi temple, Sukreswar Temple, Hayagriva temple, Umananda Temple and the Shiva Temple . Click below to see more famous temples in Assam. More…….

Bihar Temples:

Bihar has religious temples to worship. Some of the temples that you can visit when you come to state of Bihar. The Aranya Devi Temple has a special religious significance as according to legendary belief the Hindu deity Lord Krishna visited the local king for alms in the disguise of a hermit. And it has some famous temples of Bihar like The Durga Temple, Mandar Hill Temple, Kurkihar Temple, Chutia Temple, Hariharnath Temple, Mundesvari Temple, Parasnath Temple. Click below to see more famous temples of Bihar. More…….

Jharkhand Temples:

Jharkhand  in East India  is glorious religious heritage place where every one can vist the temples in Jharkhand.These temples are treasures of Jharkhand. Famous temples in Jharkhand are Deoghar Temple,  Ajgaivinath Temple. More…….

Orrisa Temples: ( East India )

Temples of Orissa exhibit a majestic grandeur .Temples of orissa  are one of the major pilgrimage centers of Hindus with numerous temple shrines. Orissa Temples  usually consists of a sanctum, one or several front porchessually with pyramidal roofs, a dancing hall (nata mandir) and a hall of offerings (bhog mandir). The temple towns of Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark constitute a “Golden Triangle” of east. . There are hundreds of lesser known temples in Orissa. Some of the Stunning Temples at Orissa, Lingaraj Temple, Ananta Vasudeva Temple, Mukteswara Temple,. Brahmeswar Temple, Jagannath Temple, Leaning Temple. Click below to see more temples in orissa.

Sikkim Temples:

Sikkim temples are located  in each every towns & villages of Sikkim. In Sikkim Buddhism is predominant religion, with many fine old temples. There is a plethora of monasteries in Sikkim. Every one always find a temple of Lord Shiva and other deities in a walking distance within these towns. Some of the popular temples of sikkim, Hanuman Tok ,Sikkim Ganesh Tok, Sikkim Rumtek Monastery and more famous temples to see just click below.

West Bengal Temples:

Temples of west Bengal were mainly built during a period when the region was witnessing a revival of Hinduism with particular focus on the cult of Krishna. As a result, temples built during the sixteenth century and later absorbed the monumental style of the tradition. The temples of west Bengal can be classified into mainly the “Chala”, “Ratna” and “Dalaan” styles. The vitality of the temples is not restricted to the architectural forms. The temple walls are covered with molded baked clay panels. Few famous temples are Kalighat – Mother Goddess (Kali) Dakshineshwar – Mother Goddess (Kali) Belur Math – Ramakrishna Mission HQ Tarapith – Mother Goddess (Tara). Click below to see more famous temples of west Bengal. More…….

Tripura Temples:

Tripura is famous for a large number of temples.Tripura is a tiny State in India’s northeast. Although full of hills and jungles, this ancient princely State boasts of a rich heritage of rock-cut sculptures of deities dating back to the remote past as also numerous temples and holy shrines. The most significant of them are Mata Tripureshwari temples at Udaipur, Fourteen Goddess Temple at Old Agartala, Bhuveneshwari Temple at Udaipur, and Benuban Vihar at Agartala are there in tripura.

Manipur Temples:

Temples in  Manipuri has  art and architecture is basically of Hindu style showing more inclination towards the traditional  of Hindu building art and architecture. There is no existence of any temple and its art relating to the animistic faith of ancient Manipur. If you want to know about famous temples like Shri Govindji Temple, The Vishnu Temple, shri Hanuman Thakur Temple, Thangal General Temple of Wangkhai, Lord Sanamahi Temples, Shri Govindji Temple of Old Palace, Shri Radha Raman Temple, and Lord Krishna Temple in Manipur just click below.

Meghalaya Temples:

Temples in Meghalaya  enhanced the soul with and calmness serenity calmness. Life can be cultured coming to the surroundings of these temples in Meghalaya. Visit to these temples really enthralls the visitor and takes them to a peaceful meditative state of mind. There are some famous temples like Kamakhya Temple Sukreswar Temple Uma Nanda Temple Navagraha Temple Sivadol Hajo in megahalaya. More…….

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