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West india temples
Goa Temples

Goa is home for some of the most famous temples for hindus. Goa is Gem of India  it is arrayed with temples and silent spectators to the intense religious history and culture of the bygone era. The idols were kept in makeshift shrines until the Portuguese allowed the first temple built in goa.Goa could be cherished for this meager trait that one enjoys even on the shortest visit to this diverse land. Some of the prominent temples of goa are Shree Mahalasa temple, Shanta Durga temple, Mangueshi Temple, Mahalaxmi temple, Ramnath temple,, Ramnathi temple, Naguesh temple and Malikarjun temple. Just click below to see more famous temples of Goa. More…….

Gujarat Temples:

Temples in Gujarat, are magnificent and sacred located in India. Gujarat is also architectural marvels apart from being the seat of sacredness in the province. Temples of Gujarat, include the greatly popular Somnath Temple, which was said to hold a great variety and quantum of gold and other coveted treasure. Temples in Gujarat are many while some of them can be enumerated as Somnath Temple, Akshardham Temple, Parsi Fire Temples, and Bhrigu Rishi Temples and last but not the least the Gangeshwar Temple in Gujarat. Click to see more famous temples in Gujarath. More…….

Maharashtra Temples:

Maharashtra temples has  its credit hoary pilgrimage centers as well as landmarks in the evolution of Indian Temple architecture. Famous Lord Ganesha is the most respected and worshiped gods in Maharashtra. There are eight shrines dedicated to him, which are located around Pune. These shrines are collectively known as the Ashta Vinayak temples. Maharashtra also owns two of the ancient rock cut temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Famous temples are located like the Kalaram Temple, Kapaleshwar temple, Muktidham Temple in Maharashtra. More…….

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