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Pondicherry Information and Tourist Places

Pondicherry is a Union Territory of India. It is a former French colony, consisting of four non-contiguous enclaves, or districts, and named after the largest, Pondicherry. While Karaikal lies 150 km south of Pudhucherry on the east coast, Mahe is on the Malabar Coast and Yanam in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

Pondicherry TourismIt is bound on the east by the Bay of Bengal and by South Arcot District of Tamil Nadu on the other three sides. Pudhucherry traces its origin to Sage Agasthya.


Accommodation in Pondicherry recommends you a broad range of well approved hotels and resorts that will provide you all the luxurious and lavish facilities.All the resorts and hotels are decorated beautifully and gracefully. There are many other hotels and resorts in Pondicherry.

Tourist places:

Sri Aurobindo ashrama: The ashrama is a great example of unity in diversity and promotes world peace in a very subtle way, emphasizing on the learning of world religions. Sri Aurobindo was a greatly respected freedom fighter and philosopher who settled in Pondicherry. His philosophy and teachings found many followers here, and this Ashrama became one of the centers of Vedic and philosophical studies. The place is a peaceful community developed over the years by the active participation of members that include people from all countries, casts, and communities.

Anglo – French Textile mills: This is a historic place and must be visited as part of the historical tour of the city. The fabrics manufactured at this mill are still known for their quality and tourists are given rebates on purchases here.

Chunnambar Resort: This place is known for its fantastic beach and the water sports opportunities. This is one of the most popular tourist spots in Puducherry.

Pondicherry museum: Pondicherry museum exhibits interesting artifacts related to the history of Pondicherry that goes back to the 1st century AD. The most interesting exhibits are the Roman articles discovered at Arikamedu. The French section showcases the history of French colonization in Puducherry. The museum also has a nice collection of sculptures, paintings and sea shells.

Promenade: Promenade is one of the most visited parts of the city and major tourist attraction. The 1.5 kilometer long stretch faces the Bay of Bengal and offers a wonderful getaway from the daily chores, to the locals and tourists alike. The statue of Mahatma Gandhi and a War memorial are the important things to watch here.

Food items:

Pondicherry offers a wide range of cuisines. They are equally, popular food items eaten at the time of breakfast in Pondicherry. Pondicherry favors are Coconut Curry, Tandoori Potato, Soya Dosa, Podanlangkai, Assad, Kadugu Yerra, Curried Vegetables, Stuffed Cabbage, Palpayasam. Curried Vegetables, another local delicacy, is a delicious vegetarian dish. Filled with various nutritious vegetables, this food item is highly colorful in look and lovely in taste.


Pondicherry has long been a centre for the production of household linen and garment textiles in satin, twill, corduroy, poplin, chambray, oxford and cambric. Pondicherry does not have any local heritage of handicrafts. Now a days Aurobindo Ashram factory in Pondicherry produces many articles, like: candles, incense sticks, paper etc, which have become as much as local specialties. These are quite popular with the tourists and make for good shopping in Pondicherry.