Tourist Places In Maharashtra

Maharashtra Information and Tourist Places

Maharashtra is a state located on the western coast of India. Maharashtra is a part of Western India. It is India’s third largest state by area and second largest by population. Mumbai, the capital city of the state, is India’s largest city and the financial capital of the nation.

Maharastra Tourism

Marathi is the official and most widely spoken language. Monuments such as Ajanta and Ellora, Gateway of India and Elephanta caves and architectural structureslike Viharas and Chaityas have attracted people from all over to the state. Besides the wonderful monuments, wildlife and cultural aspects such as ifestyle, languages and cuisine make Maharashtra a great travel destination.


So many numbers of budget hotels and lodges provide decent accommodation in Maharashtra.There are Forest Lodges and Log Huts available for accommodation.Maharashtra is one of the leading destinations in India. The hotels in Maharashtra cater to everyone’s taste and budget. Accommodation in Maharashtra is not a factor to be bothered about as this is one state which offers its visitors wide ranging options of accommodation. The Hotels in Mumbai are most varied and numerous in nature and the rooms provide decent comfort and luxury to their guests.

Tourist attractions:

Mumbai:The capital city of the state is the financial powerhouse of the country. This great city of more than ten million people is the capital of the state of Maharashtra. Center of industry, transportation, and communication, its fine harbor on the Arabian Sea makes its one of the world’s busiest ports.

Aurangabad:Aurangabad is a city in Maharashtra, India. The city is a tourist hub, surrounded with many historical monuments including the Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as Bibi Ka Maqbara. Aurangabad is famous for Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University


Ajanta and Ellora:Ajanta and Ellora caves are Located near the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. The famous Ajanta and Ellora caves are the biggest tourist attractions in Maharashtra. Ajanta has been designated as a World Heritage Site.

Pench National Park:
The Pench National Park is located in northwestern Maharashtra in India. The vegetation here is typical of the southern tropical deciduous forest. Other important natural forests in Maharashtra like the Nagzira Sanctuary and the Navegaon National Park are also close to Pench.

Elephanta Caves:The Elephanta Island is located 10 km away from the Gateway of India at Mumbai. The Elephanta Caves are a great tourist attraction in the vicinity of the large Mumbai metropolis. The rock cut temples within the Elephanta Caves, Maharashtra are dedicated to Shiva Mahadeva offer rich sculptural content and exhibit the glorious heritage.

Mahabaleshwar:Maharashtra’s hill stations, is located in the Western Ghats, cradled in the Sahyadri ranges. Mahabaleshwar, is named after Lord Shiva also called Lord Mahabali, enshrined at the Gokarna temple in the form of a self-originated lingam, shaped like a rudraksha, and considered to be the most sacred amongst the other twelve jyothirlingams.

Food items:

Maharashtra is famous for its culinary genius and is well known for its tastes. Some of the best dishes of Maharashtra are Puranpoli, Gulpoli, Ukadiche Modak, Laddoos, Basundi, and Chakali. Another favorite is the famed misal-pav, a spicy mix of lentils, which is topped with batiste- bhaji, poha, sabudana khichadi and chivda. This dish is sometimes eaten with curd. Almost all non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes are served with boiled rice or with bhakris, soft rotis made of rice flour. Bharwan Baingan, Kohlapuri Rassa, Puran Poli, Aamti, Bombay Chiwda are some of the popular recipes. Tomatoes, brinjals and other vegetables stuffed with masala fillings and cooked in oil till soft are very popular in Maharashtra.


Shopping in Maharashtra is great experience to travelers. Mumbai offers wide ranges of shopping to visitors. The prices at the Central Cottage Industries Emporium and Khadi Village Industries Emporium are fixed. Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar or Deccan Gymkhana is another place for good shopping. Kolhapur is popular for its cotton textiles, in particular Kolhapuri sarees. This city is also popular for its jewellery and leather sandals. The state offers such a wide variety of shopping places as well as shopping items. Mahadwar and Shivaji Roads are the best places to shop in Pune. Bhausinji Road and Shetkaari Bazaar are famous for leather goods.