Sri Seetha Rama Swamy puja

Sri Seetha Rama Swamy puja, Lord seetha ramaswami Puja

Rama Navami is a spring Hindu festival that celebrates the birthday of god Rama. He is particularly important to the Vaishnavism tradition of Hinduism, as the seventh avatar of Vishnu.

When Rama was born?
By using recently developed powerful planetarium software, it can be found that the planetary positions mentioned in Ramayana for the date of birth of Lord Ram had occurred in the sky at around 12.30 p.m. of 10th January 5114 BCE

Rama (or Ramacandra) is the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. His adventures, notably the slaying of the demon king Ravana, are recounted in the Vana Parva of the Mahabharata and in the Ramayana, the oldest Sanskrit epic, written sometime in the 5th century BCE but with some later additions.

Annually observed in the Hindu month of Chaitra, Ram Navami is one of the holiest Hindu festivals that is observed in nearly every part of the world inhabited by even the least number of Hindus. Ram Navami is a popular Hindu festival. It is celebrated on the ninth day (Navami) of the Chaitra month of Hindu lunar year in ‘Shukla paksha’ or waxing moon. This festival is celebrated in order to commemorate the birth of Marayada Purshottam Ram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This day also known as Sri Rama Navami.

Ram Navami is a religious and traditional festival, celebrated every year with great enthusiasm by the people of Hindu religion