Mantras for Nine Planets

Mantras for the Nine Planets

Each planet has a unique vibration and represents an aspect of our self.  Chanting the Mantras of the Nine Planets harmonizes the Planetary influences of our lives. It enhances our capacity to unite with the cosmic whole.

Ravi Mantra
Bhaskaraya Vidmahe mahadutyathikaraya deemahi
Tanmo Aditya prachodayat

Sun(Ravi) represents soul, king, highly placed persons, father.

Chandra Mantra
Padma Dwajaya Vidmahe Hemaroopaya deemahi
Tanmaspoma prachodayat

Moon represents Mind, queen, mother.

Kuja Mantra
Seera Dwajaya Vidmahe vittahastaya deemahi
Tanmo Bhowma prachodayat

Mars represents energy, confidence and ego

Bhudha Mantra
Rowgineyaya vidmahe chandraputraya deemahi
Tanmo Bhada prachodayat

Guru Mantra
Vrushba dwajaya vidmahe Grunihastaya deemahi
Tanmo Guru prachodayat

Sukra Mantra
Tatpurushaya vidmahe swetavarnaya deemahi
Tannasukra prachodayat

Sani Mantra
Kaka dwajaya vidmahe khadgahastaya deemahi
Tanmo manta prachodayat

Rahu Mantra
Nakadwajaya vidmahe padmahastaya deemahi
Tanmo Rahu prachodayat

Rahu represents an Asura who does his best to plunge any area of one’s life he controls into chaos.

Ketu Mantra
Aswadwajaya vidmahe soolahastaya deemahi
Tannuketu prachodayat

Ketu represents supernatural influences. Ketu represents the part of ourselves that desires to be freed from worldliness.

Mantras for Nine Planets

· Mercury represents communication.
· Jupiter represents the great teacher.
· Venus represents wealth, pleasure and reproduction.
· Saturn represents learning and Career.