Jejuri Temple

Jejuri Temple

Jejuri Temple is located in Jejuri,Pune district of Maharashtra state , India ,  It is famous for the main temple of god Khandoba.Jejuri is located at on a hill, It has an average elevation of 718 metres (2355 feet).

 The town is famous for being theplace of one of the revered temples in the state, known as the Khandobachi Jejuri. The temple is dedicated to Khandoba, also known as Mhalsakant or Malhari Martand. Khandoba is regarded as the ‘God of Jejuri’ and is held in great reverence by the Dhangars, one of the oldest tribes in India.

As the Jejuri temple  is on the hill, one has to climb almost 200 steps. But the climbing is not so hard and the wonderful view of Jejuri town which can seen from there , is marvelous. You may  easily see the view of Saswad and Dive Ghat if weather permits. One can enjoy number of ‘ Deep Mala ‘ ( Light Stands of Stones ) while climbing the hill. Jejuri is really popular for its old Deep Mala. The temple over the hill is pretty. although a simple one, still looks beautiful.

 The temple is divided into two parts, the Mandap and Gabhara. The idol of Khandoba enshrined in Jejuri temple speaks volumes about the talent of its craftsmen. The weapons situated inside the temple, namely a sword, a damaru and a paral, have a historical importance attached to them.

The temple is also well famous for its sword competition held every year on Dusshera. Participants have to hold the heavy sword placed in the temple for maximum time. Anyone who holds it for the longer time is announced as the winner. Deep Mala is another popular attraction here, which is range of lights mounted up on stones. You can also witness, yatra a huge activity that takes place four times in a year.

 Jejuri town is also important from historical point of view. This is the place where Shivaji meet his father, Sahaji, after a long  time and discussed the strategy to be followed against the Mughals.

 Every one should visit Jejuri  to see the crystal stands. Jejuri is one of the important temples in Maharashtra with historical importance. ‘ Kandobacha Yelkot ‘..’ Jay Malhar ‘ are some of the popular terms here. One can find many sculptures in and nearby the Jejuri temple. One of the most sacred tourist destinations, Thousands of worshippers vists here every year. A peaceful place, one must certainly visit the temple for its historical importance and beautiful location.

 Khandoba  is a primary main deities of the Maharashtrian community, along with Vithoba at Pandharpur, most others being Goddesses. Khandoba, Malhari Martand bhairav are synonyms of this deity, which is one of the 64 aspects of Shiva. Khandoba was believed to have evolved with the aim of annihilating the Earth of  Malla and Mani demons. Martand is the expression of the Sun, as Shiva is said to radiate like a thousand suns. But, the underlying faith in Khandoba, is due to the fact that childless couples are gifted with children, making the God exceptional in all his aspects.