Holi Festival Special Sweet Besan Ladoo

Holi Festival Special Sweet Besan Ladoo Recipe

Ingredients to prepare Besan Ladoo

Ghee – 370 Ml

Besan – 400 Grams

Dried Coconut – 80 Grams

Almonds ( Grounded ) – 6 Table Spoons

Fine granulated sugar  — 200 Grams

Cardamom  ( Grounded ) – 1 Tea Spoon

Steps to prepare Besan Ladoo

Start the Stove , and heat Ghee in a Pan over low Heat ,  Stir this ghee now in Besan Powder and cook over low heat until it gets toasted and the mixture smells sweet  smelling , stir for 10 Minutes until mixture be Pasty not Powdery.

Now remove the mixture from the stove and cool slightly until it is warm. Now add grounded almond , grounded coconut and sugar to the mixture and mix thoroughly. while the mixture is worm shape it into round balls according to the size you require.

Besan ladoo Recipe
Besan ladoo

Store the Besan Ladoos in the airtight jar or container.

We can eat Besan Ladoo immediately, but taste better after few hours.