Chilkur Balaji Temple Hyderabad

Chilkur Balaji Temple Hyderabad

Chilkur Balaji Temple popularly known as”Visa Balaji Temple” in hyderabad is an ancient Hindu temple of Lord Balaji .

This Temple is located Twenty Five kilometers from Hyderabad off the Vikarabad road and on the banks of Osmansagar village of Chilkur with its hoary temple dedicated to Sri lord Balaji Venkateshwara swamy.

History of Chilkur Balaji Temple

A devotee of Lord Balaji from this place used to visit Tirupathi every year for once. But once he becomes very sick and he is in a position that he was unable to visit Tiupathi.

Lord Venkateshwara appeared in his dream and said, “I am right here in the nearby forest. You don’t have to worry.” The devotee at once moved to the place indicated by the Lord in the dream and saw a molehill there, which he dug up. While digging, the axe accidentally, hits the chest of Lord Balaji’s idol and surprisingly bleeding started from chest of idol.

The devotee could not believe his eyes. He could not believe his ears when he heard a voice from the air saying, “Flood the molehill with cow’s milk.” When the devotee did so, a Swayambhu (is a Sanskrit word that means “self-manifested”) idol of Lord Balaji accompanied by Sridevi and Bhoodevi and a rare combination was found, and this idol was installed with the due rites and a temple built for it.

Some Interesting Facts of Circumambulation & Truths about Chilkur Balaji Temple:

During temple visit the devotees goes through the usual rituals of prayer, including 11 circumambulation(pradakshinamu) and makes a vow.

While making rounds all the devotees do the chanting of ‘Om Vashatkaaraaya Namaha’, ‘Om Aksharaaya Namaha’, ‘Om Paramaathmane Namaha’, ‘Om Bhuthabhavanaya Namaha’.. While making Pradakshanas all the devotees do the chanting of ‘Om Vashatkaaraaya Namaha’, ‘Om Aksharaaya Namaha’, ‘Om Paramaathmane Namaha’, ‘Om Bhuthabhavanaya Namaha’.

lord venkateswara swamy chilkur balajiThe 11 Pradakshanas at chilkur balaji temple represent the secret of creation 11 means “1 soul and 1 body” uniting both with devotion and full determination to fulfill wish, dedicate on the lord; there is no second, everything is god.

Once the wish is fulfilled devotees then walk 108 times prasakshanas . In the 108 Pradakshanas, 1 represents the Existence, Almighty, God (Paramathma, Balaji in the minds of the devotee), 0 represents Creation (Illusionary World, Jagath) and 8 represents the time Human Body takes to come to this universe-8 months (Jivatma).

One interesting fact about this Chilkur Balaji temple is that there is no hundi and neither accepts any money from devotees. All the devotees makes pradakshana to this temple. About more than seventy thousand devotees visits this temple weekly. The crowd of devotees will be more on weekends i.e on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Chilkur Balaji Temple in Hyderabad is managed by the hereditary trustee Sri M.V.Soundara Rajan and Sri C.S.Gopala Krishna. The entire family of the archaka, including the women are dedicated themselves to serve the God

Chilkur Balaji Temple Address:

Chilkur Balaji Temple Road,

Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500075

How to Reach Chilkur Balaji Temple

By Bus:

TSRTC runs buses from major cities connecting mehdipatnam, which is the nearest bus stand. From Mehdipatnam we can get bus every 15 minutes to Chilkur balaji temple.



Route No

Starts At

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Last Bus

Route 156/228



9:55 AM

5:45 PM

Route 156/228H



7:03 AM

7:48 PM

Route 288D



5:00 AM

8:40 PM

Route 288K



7:05 AM

2:55 PM

Route 288R



5:15 AM

10:25 PM

Route 288X



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