Chaler Payesh Recipe

Chaler Payesh Recipe

Ingredients Required:

Basmati Rice   – 1 cup
Milk                – 1 ltr
Sugar             – 1/2 cup
Cardomon       – 1 tsp
Almonds         – 10
Raisins           – 2 tsp

Chaler Payesh Preparation:

Wash basmati rice with water and soak in water for 15 mins. Boil the milk on low flame by adding sugar and stir constantly. Then add rice to the milk and keep 0on stir continuously and cook for 20 min till the mixture becomes thickened and rice become soft. Now add cardomon powder, almonds and raisins and put off the flame.

Cool the chaler payesh and keep it in refrigerator for a 2 hours.
And serve chill.