Capsicum Rice Bath Recipe

Capsicum Rice Bath Recipe


Capsicum rice

Ingredients to prepare Capsicum Rice Bath:


3 cup


2 Big sized

Tamarind Paste

3 Table spoons

Grated Coconut

1/4 cup

Vangi Bath powder

3 tea spoons

Mustard seeds

1/2 tsp

Urad Dal

1/%MCEPASTEBIN%2 tea spoon

Chana Dal

1/2 tea spoon


┬╝ cup

Curry Leaves

10 to 12


1 tea spoon


3 to 4 tea spoons


to taste

Coriander leaves

for garnish

Capsicum Rice Bath preparation method :

Capsicum Rice Bath Recipe
Capsicum Rice Bath Recipe

Cook the Rice in pressure cooker and spread the rice on a plate and leave it to cool.

Heat oil in the frying pan, add Mustard seeds; once seeds splutter, add Urad dal and Chana dal. Then add Groundnuts and Curry leaves

Add chopped Capsicum and allow the vegetable to cook for 5 min with oil in the pan.

When the Capsicum pieces are cooked, add Tamarind paste, Jaggery, Salt and mix well.

After one minute add Vangi Bath powder and stir well for a minute and add the cooked rice slowly little little by keep mixing the contents of the pan.

Finally add grated Coconut and mix well and garnish with Coriander leaves.

Capsicum rice is now ready to serve.