Godhuma Ravva Halva Recipe for Ugadi

Godhuma Ravva Halva Recipe for Ugadi


gudhuma ravva halwa


Ingredients required for Godhuma ravva Halwa

Godhuma Ravva 2 Cups
Sugar 2 ½ Cups
Milk + Water 6 Cups
Ghee 4 Table Spoon
Cardamom 4 Nos
Kissmiss 15 Nos
Cashews 30 Nos

Godhuma Ravva Halwa Preparation Method

Switch on the Stove and place Pressure Cooker on it.

Add 2 table spoon Ghee and  Godhuma Ravva. Fry under low flame for about 5 to 8 minutes till you get nice aroma.

Pour Milk and water to Godhuma Rava.

Add sugar to the about mixture.

Cook under medium flame for about 1 Whistle.

Now take a Pan and add the remaining Ghee. When ghee is warm, fry cashews and Kissmiss under low flame until cashews turn into golden brown color and kissmiss puff into balloons.

After pressure is reduced in the pressure cooker, remove the lid and the fried Kissmiss and Cashews along with ghee.

Mix gently with cardamom Powder

Tasty Godhuma ravva Halwa is ready, serve to your family members warm or Cold.