Unlucky Things That Bring Bad Luck

Unlucky Things That Bring Bad Luck

Avoid these unlucky things that bring bad luck to you.

Most people may not believe that there are good energies as well as bad energies in the world. There are certain unlucky objects that attract bad and negative energy which may bring bad luck to your home.

Dead Plants
Avoid keeping dead or dry flowers, plants, animals or birds or seashells. The dead things spreads negativity and brings bad luck to you.

Run down clock
Run down clocks or the broken clocks ruin the positive energy in the house and bring back luck to the house. Take care of the clocks in your being in working order.

Broken Crockery
Broken or cracked crockery or utensils welcomes troubles and failures into life. Dispose off the broken crockery which are unlucky to you.

Thorny Plants
Avoid keeping thorny plants or prickly plants. These spiky plants like cactus bring negative energy and bad luck in the home.

Green Walls
In UK and US, the green color walls are considered an unlucky color because back in the 1700s a Swedish chemist used arsenic to make green wallpapers and fabrics, which when wet let off a poisonous gas that killed people.

Empty Rocking Chair
Irish believe that the empty rocking chair invites the dark forces or the evil spirits to enter your home. If the chair moves on its own accord that means the malicious spirit has already settled in it, and may bring death and back luck to your family

The poor conditioned, stained or broken mirrors brings bad luck to your home. And don’t hang the mirror facing to your bed, it cause the relationship problems in the marriage life.

Avoid keeping pictures of natural disasters like heavy rain, snowstorms, shipwreck, battle and other nasty weather that don’t trigger positive emotions. They could bring distress to your household.

So, avoid keeping these thing in your home to avoid bad luck.