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Uttaranchal Information and Tourist Places

Uttarakhand is the 27th state of the Republic of India. It was carved out of the state of Uttar Pradesh in November 2000. It is one of the most beautiful states in the Indian union. Uttaranchal is a beautiful place lying in the lap of the mighty Himalayas. The place is blessed with nature, travelers can find so many gorgeous landscaping, enchanting rivers, magnificent countryside, exotic hill stations and honest and hospitable people.

Uttaranchal Tourism

The region is traditionally referred to as Uttarakhand in old literature and scriptures which derives from the Sanskrit for North Country.


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Tourist places:


Dehradun, also sometimes spelled Dehra Doon, is the capital city of the Uttarakhand state in India, and the headquarters of Dehradun District. Caves, springs, and other sites of natural beauty abound around Dehradun.


Badrinath is a Hindu holy town and a nagar panchayat in Chamoli district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is the most important of the four sites in India’s Char Dham pilgrimage. One of the Char Dham pilgrim centers for the Hindus; millions of tourists throng Badrinath every year.

Badrinath temple in uttaranchal

Corbett National Park:

Jim Corbett national park is located in the state of Uttaranchal, India. The park is part of the Corbett tiger reserve which lies in the foothills of the Himalayas within the districts of Nainital, Pauri Garhwal, Almora and Binjore. Corbett tiger reserve covers an area of about 1,300 sq. km including about 500 sq. km of core area and 800 sq. km of buffer area. The core area forms the Corbett national park while the buffer area contains the Sonanadi wildlife sanctuary and reserve forests. Corbett tiger reserve forms the catchment area of the Ramganga, a tributary of the river Ganga.


Gangotri Glacier is located in Uttarkashi District, Uttarakhand, India in a region bordering China. This glacier, source of the Ganga, is one of the largest in the Himalayas with an estimated volume of over 27 cubic kilometers. It flows roughly northwest, originating in a cirque below Chaukhamba, the highest peak of the group.


Haridwar is a holy city and municipal board in the Haridwar District of Uttarakhand, India. In Hindi, Haridwar stands for Dwar of Hari or Gateway to God, ‘Hari’ meaning god and ‘dwar’ meaning gate. Haridwar is regarded as one of the seven holiest places to Hindus.

haridwar in uttaranchal

Mussoorie Tour:

Mussoorie is distinctively known as the queen of hills, because of its out of the world splendor. One of the major tourist destinations in Uttrakhand, Mussoorie not only boasts of the picturesque views of the Himalayas and the Doon valley but it also showcases some of the rarest flora and fauna of the country. Standing magnificently among the foot hills of the Himalayas, this hill adorns the edge of the Garhwal Himalayas.

Valley of Flowers:

Valley of Flowers is located in the Chamoli district of the Uttaranchal. The beautiful Valley of Flowers gives you a pleasant experience of studying such a wide variety of flowers. The valley was bordered by snow capped mountain ranges and carpet of flowers. He authored a book named ‘The Valley of Flowers’ due to which the valley became tourist attraction.

Food habits:

People of Uttaranchal basically take a vegetarian meal though mutton and chicken are also savored by many. Characteristic feature of the Kumouni cuisine is the sparing use of milk and milk based products. This is due to the geographical nature of the state as hill cows do not yield good quantity of milk. Rice is the staple food for the people of Uttaranchal. The use of tomato in Uttaranchal cuisine is minimal and food is essentially cooked in mustard oil or pure ghee. Very interestingly, Hash seeds, locally known as Bhanga are used as spices. Among other lentils delight are large dried balls of urad dal, called badis and their smaller version prepared from moong dal called mangodi.


Shopping in Uttaranchal is one of the most addictive pleasures of a trip to Uttaranchal with a wide variety of products available for every taste and requirements. Uttaranchal is not a typical shopping destination. Still shopping in Uttaranchal can be a real fun for the avid shopper. The main handicraft in this region is woodcarving. Like all hilly states, Uttaranchal also has rich forestland. Wood has traditionally served as the base for crafts fashioned out by the local artisans. The woodcrafts would make for great souvenirs for your Uttaranchal tour.