Temples and Churches geared to welcome 2016

Hindu Temples and churches in the city are all geared to welcome the New Year 2016 with devotion. Almost all the famous hindu temples will start the day with special pujas with grand decoration of the idols. As the first day of the Year 2016 falls on Friday, large number of  devotees is expected in hindu temples.

Peddamma Temple, located at Jubilee Hills will start off with Abhishekam at 3 am on Friday. No special darshan will be carried on Friday because of the expected rush of devotees.

More than 20,000 to 30,000 devotees are expected on new year day. 30 more security guards are specially allotted to make sure everything goes right.

Temple priests advise devotees to chant the Gayatridevi mantra for a blissful start to the New Year. Hanuman Temple at Madhapur will also be having a special puja followed by a separate archan for devotees.