Sutarfeni Sweet Recipe

Sutarfeni Recipe

Ingredients Required:

Katafi    – 1 box
Sugar    – 4 cups
Water    – 2 cups
Crisco for frying



Sutarfeni Preparation:

In a bowl add sugar and water and make 1-strand sugar syrup, let it cool completely. Take the Katafi out of the box and cover it with a damp cloth or paper towel. Take a few strands at a time and twirl it into a small circle and arrange them on a tray and cover with a damp cloth.

Heat the Crisco place the twirled katafi in a deep spoon with holes and deep-fry for 30 seconds and see that they don’t turn into brown in colour and remove the fried circles and stack them up in piles

Take each circle and dip thoroughly in the sugar syrup for a minute and let it drain completely. Sprinkle the pistachio powder over the sutarfeni and store in a air tight container.