Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple in Karnataka

Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple in Karnataka

In the state of Karnataka, the place Kateel is considered as holy pilgrimage for the Hindus where Goddess Durga Parameshwari is enshrined as main deity in this temple. The Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple in Karnataka is located about 30km from the city of Mangalore where the temple is situated in the middle (katee) of the sacred river, Nandini so, the place is called Kateel. The river originates at a spot about 8 miles away, splits into two parts near the temple and rejoins on the other side of the temple.

In this Sri Durga Parameshwari temple there is a big rock in between the main entrance and before entering the temple the big symbolic rock situated to the left side is known as Goddess Rakteshwari. And people perform pooja to this goddess on every Sankramana devotees offer coconut sevas to this Goddess Rakteshwari.

The sanctum of Sri Durga Parameshwari idol is beyond the Dwajasthambha mandapam in a seated posture with four arms. The flag staff is covered with silver plating. Sine the deity destroyed the asura Arunaasuran, so she is called as Arunaasuramardini and as she appeared in the form of a bee (bramaram) and killed the demon so she has named as Bramaraambigai.

The temple of Sri Durga Parameshwari also enshrines other deities such as, on to the southern side of the main sanctum the idol of Mahaganapathi enshrines where priests perform Ganahoma and Pancha Kajjaya sevas. There is another god Shasthara enshrines in this temple as Lord Ayyappan on to the right side of Mahaganapathi. And other gods enshrined in this temple are Kshetrapala on the southwestern side, abode of Naga Devata and in the outside premises of the temple on the right Lord Brahma is enshrined.

As the Goddess Durga Parameshwari is very much passionate about dance and music, inside the temple there is a Yakshagana troupe who perform cultural activity depicting the miraculous power and grace of Goddess. And the devotees are offered with free meals everyday.