Shrinkala Devi Shakti Peeth Temple

Shrinkala Devi Shakti Peeth

Goddess Shrinkala Devi is one of the eighteen Shaktipeeth located in india. The word Shrinkhala has two meanings. The first one being, a Binding thread or Binding chain, second meaning is, a cloth which is used by the postnatal women to tie their abdomen tightly.

According to the first meaning the goddess is in bounded form. Of-course, Jaganmata is bound only to the lord Shiva (Satya). She removes all bonds attached to her devotees.

Shrinkhala Shaktipeeth present at Pandua, in Hugly district of West Bengal. We can go to this place by train from Kolkata.

In the second meaning the goddess is in postnatal stage ( Mother of a newborn baby), in this form, she will see the entire universe as her child. The devotees imagine him/ her as a new born baby of Shrinkhala mata. A complete surrenderance (Saranagati) and Sishu bhava is required to worship her.

pradyumne vangarajyayam shrunkhala nama bhushite //
vishvavimohitedevi shrunkhala bandhanashini //

Some people consider it as Shrinkala Shaktipith present at Ganga sagar, in Adinath kshetra.
Some people consider that Shrinkala mata is present near Shringeri of Karnataka, brought by Rishyashringa maharshi, on the order of Goddess.
Some people consider that Shrinkala temple is in Chotilla, Gujarat.
But the majority people accept the first argument. That is, Shrinkhala mata is at Pandua, near Hugly district, West Bengal state.