sardarji Jokes

Sardarji Jokes

1. Sardarji went to bar in Canada. One women on his right says “johny walker single”
Next one Man on his left says “Peter Scotch Single”
Sardarji says –“Balbeer Singh Married”

2. Boss says to a man i am giving you job as a driver and starting salary is Rs 2000 -/- is it ok!

Man says you are great sir Starting salary is ok …….but? How much is driving salary and stopping salary.

3. Sardarji’s theory:   Moon is important that sun because it gives light at night when there is no light and when light is needed and sun gives light during day when light is not needed.

4. A tamilian calls up sardarji and asks “Tamil Therima?”    (Meaning -“Do you know Tamil”?) (In Hindi Tamil terima means Tamil is your mother)   Sardarji got mad, and angrily replied him “Hindi tera baap”!!! (“Hindi is your father”)

5. Two jokers looking at Egyptian mummy.   Joker 1 says: look so many bandages; it is surely lorry accident case.
Joker 2 says: HOOO! Lorry number is also written — see B C 1760!!!

6. A Sardar went to an interview for detective post. Interviewer: Who killed Gandhi?   Sardar: Thank you sir for giving me the job, now i will start investigation………..

7. A Sardarji was attending for an exam he studied only one essay “friend” but in question paper he had seen “father” essay.   So he replaced friend with father in essay. i am very fatherly person, I have lots of fathers, some of my fathers are male and some are females. My true father is my neighbor.