Poli Padyami Pooja

Poli Padyami Pooja

Poli Padyami, the first day of the month of Maargasira after the conclusion of the auspicious Kaarthika month, will be celebrated with fervour by Hindu Devotees.

Women light lamps in a banana stem – dip a wick in Cow Ghee and light it – and leave them in water to mark the occasion.

According to legend, Poli was one of the five daughters-in-law of a family.

While her mother-in-law and the other four daughters-in-law went to the river in the morning to take a dip and light a lamp, a sacred ritual all through the month of Kartikam, she was left to look after home.

A devout house-wife Poli picked up scattered cotton in the backyard and used the butter stuck to her fingers after churning curd for lighting the lamp which managed to do all through Kartika masam when other members of the family were away.

The gods who were pleased with her devotion sent the Pushpaka Vimana to take her to heaven. As she got on board, her family members also tried to enter catching hold of her legs but the gods refused to take them as their devotion was not pure like Poli’s.

So Women light lamps in a banana stem and leave them in water