Mishti Doi Recipe

Mishti Doi Recipe

Ingredients required:

4 ltrs Fully fat Milk
1 kg Sugar
50 gms curd (yoghurt)
Earthen pot (handi) Or Deep Bowl

Mishti Doi preparation:

Boil milk by adding 700gms of sugar on medium heat for about 1 hour by stirring constantly while boiling. Reduce the milk to almost 40 % and becomes thick and light brown in color.

Now take a heavy bottom vessel, add the remaining 300gms of sugar with 100ml of water and melt on low heat. Make the sugar mixture to turn dark brown in colour and gradually add this to the boiled milk and boil again for 15 minutes. Then turn off the flame and beat constantly till the mixture becomes luke warm.

Take an earthern pot or deep bowl and transfer the mixture into it and mix the curd (Yogurt) into the mixture. Now cover the pot with lid and allow to set for about 12 hours at a warm place and make sure not to open or move the pot during this period. Then uncover the pot and Store in a refrigerator. And serve Chilled.