Popular beaches in Orissa

Popular beaches in Orissa

The state of Orissa has 482km of coastal stretch offers the finest silvery beaches where the lapping water of Bay of Bengal pay homage to their beauty in India. Beaches in Orissa have been one of nature’s best-preserved secrets, are the most peaceful beaches in India. The beautiful sea side beaches of Orissa provide the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to experience the natural scenic beauty of the place.

The long coastal belt of Orissa offers the finest white sand beaches in the world. The sea side beaches of Orissa have been developed into the health resort for tourists who can equally enjoy the health as well as other amenities at beaches.

Most popular beaches of Orrisa are:

Chandipur Beach
Gopalpur Beach
Konark Beach
Puri Beach
Paradeep Beach
Aryapalli Beach
Astaranga Beach
Balaramgadi Beach
Balighai Beach
Baliharachandi Beach
Beleswar Beach
Ramchandi Beach
Talasari Beach
Pati Sonapur Beach

Gopalpur Beach:

Gopalpur beach in Orissa state is one of the most pure beaches located at a distance of 16 km from Berhampur. Gopalpur beach is an ideal place to relax amidst a natural surroundings. The Gopalpur beach offers tourist a peacefulness in atmosphere. This place is considered to be a favourite spot lying on the Bay of Bengal for sea and water sport lovers. The Gopalpur beach is also famous for their sea food delicacies that are a must taste for the tourists.

Aryapalli beach:

Aryapalli beach provides the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the natural splendor of Orissa state in India. Aryapalli beach is one of the prominent Orissa beaches, located at a distance of 6 km and 30 km from Chatrapur and Berhampur. Aryapalli beach provides the tourists with a unique scope to experience with it’s socio- cultural lifestyle of the fishermen of the neighboring village area. The Sand mineral project is a prominent tourist attraction of the Aryapalli beach. October to June is the ideal time to visit the exotic sea side of Aryapalli beach.

Chandipur beach:

Chandipur is a beach-worshipers delight with its abundant sea-shells and driftwood. Chandipur Beach in Orissa is about 16 km away from Balasore. Chandipur beach is backed by the magnificent swing of casuarina trees and brushed sand dunes, make the beach a site to watch. The Beach resort of Chandipur, 16 km east of Balasore, is one of Orissa’s finest seashores. The Chandipur beach has its own unique character which sets it apart from all other beaches of India.

Konark Beach:

Konark Beach in Orissa is the world famous beach. The most exquisite Sun temple is the main attraction of this beach. Konark beach is situated at a distance of 3 km from the famous Sun Temple. There is an Archaeological Museum near the sun temple that contains many sculptures and carvings found during the temple excavations. While visiting this religiously and historically famous beach gives a lovely stillness of its own.

Paradeep Beach:

Paradeep Beach is a major seaport of India’s trade activities with a fine sea beach that offers evergreen forests, a huge estuary of the Mahanadi with islands and creeks, a good marine drive and beach. A ‘Tulasi Kshetra’ is a famous for its temple site of Lord Baladeva. Paradeep Beach is located about 94-km from Cuttack from Temple city Bhubaneswar. The beach attracts a number of tourists from all over the world with its clear blue water, green forest. There are a number of places around Paradeep beach as Temple of Baladeva, Gahirmatha beach, Jhankad and Bhitarkanika National Park.