India Quiz 8

India Quiz 8

1. When did Ruchika Girhotra die?

2. What was the excuse given by the School for Ruchika Girhotra’s expulsion?

3. Which High School did Ruchika Girhotra attend?

4. What was the molester’s rank in Haryana Police the day he molested Ruchika Girhotra?

5. When was Ruchika Girhotra molested?

6. When was the molester of Ruchika Girhotra convicted?

7. Who molested Ruchika Girhotra?

8. Who witnessed molestation of Ruchika Girhotra?

9. What was the reason for Ruchika Girhotra’s expulsion from the School?

10. Who was arrested under false charges and tortured to make Ruchika Girhotra withdraw the complaint against the molester?