Incarnations of Lord Ganesha

Incarnations of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is the personification of wisdom. He is accepted as the god of learning and the patron of letters. Shiva and Parvati are the parents of Ganesha. As Ganesha fought against and subdued a different demon relates to a flaw in human nature, he has the ability to reduce all the human weaknesses, such as jealousy, illusion, greed, anger, desire, egotism, arrogance, which send the devotee away from his path to god.

According to the Ganesha Purana four Ganesh incarnations came on earth during the different periods (yuga), to fight against devils.

Shri Mayureshvar
Shri Gajanana

And according to the Mudgala Purina, Lord Ganesha has eight incarnations such as:


Lord Ganesha’s first incarnations is of Vakratunda a twisted trunk and a personification of the absolute impersonal aspect of godhood called Brahman in the form of Ganesha. In the incarnation of Vakratunda lord Ganesha slayed the demon Matsarasura and his vehicle is the lion on which he is seated. Matsarasura was a symbol of jealousy. Thus symbolically, Vakratunda is the god who destroys and overcomes the destructive power of jealousy.


In the second incarnation of Ekadanta has a single tusked Lord Ganesha defeated the demon Madasura. The famous sage Chyavana created Madasura.  Ekadanta means the Lord who has only one tusk”


The third incarnation of Lord Ganesha was of Mahodara who vanquished Mohasura, the demon of Delusion and Confusion. Once again the mouse was the mount of Ganesha. The demon conquered all the worlds without any difficulty and assumed lordship over them all.

Then the gods were afraid and approached Sun for protection. Sun taught them the method of invoking Lord Ganapati in his form of Mahodara. They commenced penance on the Lord. Pleased by their worship, the Lord Mahodara appeared before them and granted them fearlessness against the demon Moha. Lord Mahodara then proceeded to the capital of Mohasura and the demon surrendered to the Lord without puling up a fight.

Gajanana is the fourth incarnation of lord Ganesha which means “the Lord with an elephant face”, and Lobha was the demon of greed. Gajanana made the demon Lobhasur or Lobha (son of Kuber) submit and surrender before him, before putting him to death. Gajanana means “the Lord with an elephant face”, and Lobha was the demon of greed.


Lord Ganesha ever-present obesity is emphasized in his fifth incarnation as Lambodara defeated demon Krodha the demon of anger. Once upon a time Lord Vishnu had assumed the form of Mohini, the enchantress, to delude the demons.  Whoever considers Ganesha as the Supreme God and the Master of the Universe, the sweet given as offerings are seen like seeds of innumerable worlds inhabited by innumerable living creatures, and the god’s belly is large enough to contain within all these worlds and creatures.


The sixth incarnationof Lord Ganesha was of Vikata, The mishappen who subdued Kama, the demon of desire who was born out of the seeds of Lord Vishnu. Kamasura performed penance on Lord Shiva and after long and arduous austerities he was blessed by the Lord. He became the supreme ruler of the three worlds. He was ceremoniously married to Trishna, the daughter of Mahishasura, and begot two sons in her, viz. Soshana and Dushpoora.

The Devas, tormented by his rule, approached Mudgala Rishi for showing them a way out. The teacher advised them to meditate on the mantra OM at a place called Mayuresa Kshetra. Pleased by their devotion. Lord Ganesha appeared to them in the form of Vikata, and brought about their salvation.


The seventh incarnation of lord Ganesha was Vighnaraja who had a very unusual mode of conveyance – a Sheshnaag or Shasha. In this incarnation lord Ganesha managed to restrain the demon Mamasur, the demon of the ego. Ganesha managed to subdue the demon Mamasur.


In his eighth incarnation as Dhumravarna lord Ganesha returened to having a mouse as his vehicle. In this incarnation lord Ganesha defeated the demon Ahamkarasur, the demon of self-infatuation. This demon has also been called Ahamkarasur, or Abhimanasur, both words again pointing to the inextricable control of the ego on the human. Lord Ganesh will be born in the Kali Yuga as Dhumraketu. In this incarnation lord Ganesha will be in ash-gray in color with two arms and will ride a horse. He will destroy the degeneration of the society, eradicate the sufferings of numerous ailments and restore balance, peace and harmony.