Gift Ideas for Diwali Festival

Gift Ideas for Diwali Festival

The festival of lights Diwali is a festival of excitement and the victory of the good over the evil. From ancient times, there has been a tradition followed of exchanging Diwali Gifts as a token of love and good wishes. Even today the same tradition is continued but are very expensive and materialistic. While in ancient times there expressed feelings behind gifts which was more important but today gifting is considered socially mandatory to exchange Diwali Gifts to all near and dear ones, relatives , friends, neighbours, colleagues and business associates by giving importance to the products than feelings.

Still Diwali celebration is made more joyful with the exchange of Diwali gifts and presents, Diwali greetings among the loved ones in order to share and increase the happiness associated with Diwali. Especially when gifts come from their dear ones, it increases the level of happiness.

Since Diwali festival is a religious festival in India sending Diwali gifts symbolises one’s prayers to the almighty for the prosperity and well being of the recipient. There are so many gift items available in today’s market that can be selected for dear ones by knowing their likes, dislikes and age keeping them in mind.

Diwali Gifts Ideas:

Sweets and Dry fruits :

There is no festival anywhere else in the world without relishing taste buds with sweets. Every festival season is said to be incomplete without delicious sweets like soan papdi, gulab jamun, rasgulla, barfi etc. And if one cannot able to decide on gifting anything else the best gift would be sweets. The dry fruits are the best gift loved by people to receive which can be stored for long periods of time and need not bother about any specific sweets.

Diwali Gift Hampers:

Many amazing crafted Diwali gift hampers are available which are very attractive gifts and are the best choice to enjoy the blissfulness of Diwali festival celebration. One can make their own gift hampers with lots of chocolates, statues of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Laxmi or can go for ready made hampers of dry fruits, crackers, etc.

Candle Gifts:

On the occasion of festival of lights Diwali the bright Diwali gift would be candles. In market there are many beautiful decorative candles are available which lightens the life of your near and dear ones with your love and affection.

Decorative Pieces:

Diwali is the festival of decorations, so during the time of this festival people likes to decorate their homes with many household decorative pieces like wall hangings, metal lantern, wooden sculptures, etc. These are the best Diwali gift people likes to receive though they may not buy for themselves.

Silver Gifts:

Gifting silver gifts is a tradition on the occasion of Diwali festival. Lots of silver items such as silver coins, crockery items and small show pieces made of silver are available in huge variety and with trendy designs during Diwali Festival.

Status of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh Gifts:

People love to buy the beautifully crafted statues of Goddess Laxmi and lord Ganesha gifts and even gift them to their near and dear one’s to grant their love and affection and let the almighty powers on all your dear ones. There are colourfully crafted Laxmi and Ganesh brass mandir with white metal sculptures makes the divine presence.

Gadgets Gifts:

People like to receive gifts in the form of gadgets which are useful in the household like ovens, mixer etc.

Other gift items:

Lots of gift items are present such as apparels, paintings, crackers, candles, books, many pooja items like pooja thali, diyas, gold gifts, office stationary are also the choice for gifting.