Famous Waterfalls in India

Famous Waterfalls in India

Indian waterfalls beaches are ideal for every thing, be it for a romantic honeymoon, a memorable holiday, an ideal vacation or the adventurous water sports. Most of the highest waterfalls are found in the mountains area of North East India. Waterfalls of India are the most spectacular in the world. India’s waterfalls attract visitors during the monsoon to sacred holy spots though may not may not have the height of those in other countries.

There are many beautiful scenario waterfalls in India that attracts tourists. Some of them are listed as:

Godchinamalaki waterfall
Chunchanakatte waterfall
Shivanasamudra waterfall
Shivanasamudra waterfall
Kutralam waterfall
Hogenakal waterfall
Vazhachal waterfall
Adyanpara waterfall
Dudhsagar waterfall
Nohkalikai waterfall
Duduma Waterfall
Chachai Waterfall
Kempty waterfall
Gokak waterfall
Jonha waterfall
Kune waterfall
Jog waterfall

Kempty waterfall in Uttaranchal:

The state of Uttaranchal has abundant hills and glorious valleys and waterfalls.  Kempty waterfalls is one of the most famous waterfalls in Uttaranchal located in the region of Ramnagar forest which is around fifteen kilometers from Mussoorie. The water flows of this waterfall  down in a single stream above the rocky terrain and later splits into five streams that give Kempty waterfalls a picturesque view.

Kune waterfalls in Maharastra:

The state of Maharastra has a glorious waterfalls as Kune falls which is the breathtaking waterfalls situated in the heart of Lonavla-Khandala valley in the green city Pune. The sparkling waters are falling form a height of 660 ft and making a magnificent and breathtaking waterfall. It is one of the most beautiful tourist spot in Lonavla- Khandala.

Nohkalikai waterfalls in Cherrapunji:

Cherrapunji, being the most wettest place on Earth has anattraction of  Nohkalikai waterfalls which is the tallest waterfalls and 3rd highest waterfalls with a height of 1100 feet in India. It is located near in East Khasi Hills district Meghalaya. There is another highest and popular waterfalls in Meghalaya are Nohsngithiang Falls and Kynrem Falls.

Chachai Waterfall in Madhya Pradesh:

In the state of Madhya Pradesh, in a thick forest area Chachai waterfalls forms a famous scenic beauty located on the banks of the river Bihad in the Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. They are a beautiful spectacle of water falling in torrents from a height of 130 mts.

Jog waterfalls in Karnataka:

Jog waterfalls n the southern state of Karnataka is the highest waterfall in India.  As the Sharavathi River reaches a massive gorge more than 800 feet deep, it plunges with a force rivaled by only a few other cascades on the globe — or it would had a dam not been built upstream of it, reducing its regular flow except during the monsoon. During monsoon season, however, the falls form a roaring, tiger paw-shaped cataract more powerful than almost any other cascade on Earth.

Duduma Waterfall in Orissa:

The Duduma Waterfall situated in the heartland of Orissa state which is the paradise silver beaches, temples, rivers, and tribal people. In a quiet forest and aserene setting it truly is a hiden wonder.

Papanasam Waterfall in Tamilnadu:

India’s southernmost state of Tamilnadu, Papanasam Waterfall which are considered holy by Hindus of the region is a mighty three-tiered plunge on the Tamravarni River. It is believed that the Papanasam water will cleanse them of their sins. Papanasam Waterfall is a Hindus pilgrimage in India.

AkashaGanga waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh:

Akashganga waterfalls in the state of Andhra Pradesh located to the north of the Sri Venkateswara temple in Tirumal on the banks of Swami Puskarani. Akashaganga is small but beautiful waterfalls located just 9-km from this temple. People who come for darshan of the Lord they take bath under these waterfalls which is considered as sacred.