Famous Hindu Temples in Secunderabad


Secunderabad is the home town for many Hindu temples. Devotees from different parts of india visit these temples with great devotion. There are many temples in and around Secunderabad which attract many devotees. Famous temples in Secunderabad to visit are Ujjaini Mahankali temple, Sri Varah Swamy temple, Lord Ganesh temple, Tadbund Hanuman temple, Ayyappa temple.

Ujjaini Mahankali Temple:– This temple is located at Mahankali street, near Paradise, Secunderabad. Hindu Goddess kali is worshipped in this temple. One very important celebration is the  Bonalu Jathara every year.  On that day of the Jathara, women take head bath and wear festive clothes. Food (bonam) is cooked. It is placed in a vessel decorated with neem leaves and a Jyothi (an oil lamp in a shallow earthen dish) on top. Women go to the temple carrying it on their heads and offer the bonam to the deity.

Sri Varah Swamy Temple:–  Shri Varaha Swamy temple is a famous temple locate at Koneru street in Secunderabad. This temple has a holy tank and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, where Lord Vishnu is worshipped in the form of  Varaha. The center of attraction in the temple is the idol of Varah Swamy about a foot and half in height. The deity is in standing posture.

Lord Ganesh Temple:-  Ganesh temple near Secunderabad railway station is one of the popular Ganesh temples in Secunderabad city. The temple and the idol have a great history. Idol was found in the well, and there after Vigrah Prathista was done after taking the idol from the well. Ganesh chaturthi, Mahashivratri, Devi Sharan Navaratri and Ugadi are the festivals celebrated with utmost importance.

Tadbund Hanuman temple:– This is an old temple in Secunderabad city located on the main road of Bowepally and Sikh village. The presiding diety in the temple is Veeranjaneya Swamy. The idol in the temple is a self existent image. Devotees come and offer prayers from different cities. The temple is also immensely popular with New Vehicle Owners.

Ayyappa Swamy Temple:– Ayyappa Swamy temple is one of the most popular temples in located at Cariappa Road in Bolaram,  Secunderabad. The temple also houses the idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Murugan, Lord Ganesha, Nagaraja and the Nava Grahas. The temple has been intricately designed in the Dravidian style of architecture. One of the best times to visit the temple is during the pooja and aarti time where Lord Ayyappa Temple is immersed in the sea of sacredness and devotion with the enchanting mantras.

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