Famous Hindu Temples in Jammu and Kashmir

Famous Hindu Temples in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir State of India is a land of grand ancient Hindu temples with its beautiful palaces situated in the foothills of the Himalayas. Jammu region constitutes the southernmost unit of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India where Jammu is known as the ‘City Of Temples with all glittering ‘shikhars’ soaring into the sky that creates the ambience of a holy and peaceful city.

Temples in Jammu and Kashmir form an important element in the personality and uniqueness of the state. There are number of towering temples in Jammu and Kashmir that appeals great scenery and nature by visiting this place. Jammu and Kashmir population is predominantly a Hindu region. So there are many famous temples in Jammu and Kashmir surrounded by lakes, rivers, snow and alpines and dwells with gods and goddesses and great sages of ancient times.

Amarnath Temple
Raghunath Temple
Vaishno Devi Temple
Sudh Mahadv Temple
Baboor Temple
Bawey Wali Mata Temple
Kheer Bhawani Temple
Ranbireshwar Temple
Nangli Sahib Gurudwara
Buddha Amarnath Temple
Bahu Fort And Temple
Avantipur Temple
Shankaracharya Temple

Ranbireshwar Temple:

Ranbireshwar Temple in Jammu and Kashmir enshrines Lord Shiva located near Secretariat on Shalimar Road in Jammu which gives a wonderful view from near by forested hills. Ranbireshwar Temple was built by a great devotee of Shiva Raja Ranbir Singh. This Ranbireshwar Temple has a major attraction of seven-and-a-half feet high crystal Lingam established here.

Vaishno Devi Temple:

The Vaishno Devi Temple of Jammu and Kashmir is a world famous temple and is considered as the most important pilgrimages of the Hindus. An incarnation of goddess Durga goddess Vaishno enshrines in this Vaishno Devi Temple. This Vaishno Devi Temple is located in a cave perched on the Trikuta Mountains. It is believed that devotees who come to this Vaishno Devi Temple never go unanswered.

Raghunath Temple:

Raghunath Temple in Jammu and Kashmir is dedicated to Lord Rama and is the most famous pilgrimage for Hindus. The Raghunath Temple has beautifully carved columns and are marvelously decorated. The Raghunath Temple has a Sanskrit Library that offers various manuscripts relating to stories and incidents in the epic Ramayana.

Sudh Mahadv Temple:

Sudh Mahadv Temple enshrines to lord Shiva located near Patnitop in Kashmir. This Sudh Mahadv Temple is a beautiful temple where many of the tourists visit during the Asad Purnima Fair that is celebrated every year at the temple.

Amarnath Temple:

The Amarnath Temple in Jammu and Kashmir has a history of 5,000 years old located in caves in Himalayas. This Amarnath Temple enshrines with ice Shiva lingam. Eery year a huge ice lingam is formed in the Amarnath cave symbolizing Lord Shiva. There is a mythological story associated with the cave of Amarnath. When Lord Shiva was narrating the secret of immortality to his wife Parvati, a pair of mating doves eavesdropped on this conversation and learned the secret.

Bawey Wali Mata Temple:

Bawey Wali Mata Temple is a famous pilgrimage center located in Bahu Fort in Jammu. The Bawey Wali Mata Temple enshrines goddess Mahankali.

Buddha Amarnath Temple:

The Buddha Amarnath temple in the north east of Poonch Town is located on the banks of Pulsata stream. Buddha Amarnath temple is older than Amarnath Temple in Kashmir. This Buddha Amarnath temple enshrines Lord Shiva with beautiful natural white shiva-lingam. During Rakshabanshan, a grand fair ‘Buddha Amarnath Ji Mela’ is organized by Buddha Amarnath temple organizers.

Avantipur Temple:

Avantipur Temple of jammu and Kashmir depicts a wonderful piece of artwork located in southeast of Srinagar. Avantipur Temple is dedicated to King Avantivarman who built the temples and was a was a great devotee of Lord Surya. Even other deities like Goddess Ragnya Devi also enshrines in this temple. The Avantipur Temple walls, floors and pillars are full of beautiful, ancient and unique carvings.

Shankaracharya Temple:

Shankaracharya Temple in Jammu and Kashmir is located in the south-eastern part of Kashmir named after saint Adi Shankaracharya who was believed that he visited this temple. Shankaracharya Temple enshrines Lord Shiva. The main shrine is built in a circular chamber and offers a wonderful view of Kashmir Valley, comprising of enchanting lakes and the majestic Himalayas.