Famous Temples in Assam

Famous Temples in Assam

AS we all know that in India, Assam state is very famous for Tea, but the state is also very well worshipped with lots of pilgrim spots. Assam state in India has many Hindu Assam temples. Assam state is located in the south eastern part of Himalayas in India and is considered as a land of rich bio-diversity. The climate in Assam though with heavy monsoon it is very comfortable throughout the year to visit this place.

Assam state dwells with many sacred shrines that belongs to different religions which made Assam a sacred place. The temples and mosques of Assam are almost the oldest in architecture with stunning beauty in entire north east India. Since many of the Buddhist Monasteries are present in Assam the state has become an important Buddhist destination.

The famous temples of Assam:

Ashvakranta Temple
Sukreshwara Temple
Maha Bhairav Temple
Kamakhya Temple
Navagraha Temple
Dab Parbatiya Temple
Umananda Temple
Madan Kamdev
Umananda Temple
Surya Pahar temple
Shiva Temple
Ugra Tara Temple
Hayagriva-Madhab Temple
The Hathimura Temple
Neghriting Devalaya
Sun Temple at Goalpara
Vasishtashrama Temple
Navagraha Temple
Barpeta Satra

Ashvakranta Temple:

The ancient Ashvakranta Temple of Assam enshrines with lord Krishna an avatar of Lord Vishnu in reclining posture on serpent Adi sesha with four faced Bhrahma seated on a lotus emanating from his navel. This Asvakranta temple in Assam is located in Guwahati on a rocky stratum touching the waterfront of the Brahmaputra. It is believed that Ashvakranta is the site where lord Krishna camped with his horses and army before he killed the demon Narakasura, hence the name Ashvakranta.

Sukreshwara Temple :

In Assam on the banks of river Bhramaputra the Sukresvara temple is situated near Guwahati. The Sukresvara temple resides on the hillock calles Hasti which is named as Kalika Purana, and is the ashrama of sage sukra. Sukresvara temple in Assam has complex houses with large Lingas of Siva are worshipped in India. Sukresvara temple was built by in 1744 AD. By King Pramatta Singh of Ahom dynasty.

Kamakhya Temple:

Kamakhya temple in Assam enshrines Goddess Durga. This Kamakhya temple is a very popular pilgrimage in Assam located at the Nilachal hill in Guwahati. Kamakhya temple was built by the Koch king Naranarayan during 10th century. Animal sacrifice is a common practice here to appease the Goddess.

Neghriting Devalaya:

Neghriting Devalaya in Assam enshrines lord Siva. Neghriting Devalaya is rich in architectural structure and beauty then any other temple in Assam. Neghriting Devalaya is locate between two towns Jorhat and Golaghat.

Madan Kamdev:

The Madan Kamadev temple in Assam is famous with its name “Khajuraho of Kamrup” for its temple complex of 24 temples. Madan Kamadev temple is resided full of Sal and Teak forest on a hillock. This Madan Kamadev temple enshrines Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma (Parvati). The temple complex was built during the period of 10th-12th century in Pal dynasty with well-sculptured images carved on this temple.

Ugra Tara Temple:

The Ugra Tara Temple of Assam is very for Navaratri festival which is celebrated as main festival. This Ugra Tara Temple enshrines Goddess Ugra Tara who is known as Goddess Parvati. The landmark of Assam Ugra Tara Temple is located in Guwahati at Uzan Bazaar.

Being a sacred place of Assam Ugra Tara Temple is also connected with Buddhism because this place in also known as a Sakta shrine and the goddess Parvati is associated with Eka-Jata and Tiksna-Kanta.