Famous Beaches of Gujarat

Famous Beaches of Gujarat

Gujarat state is situated on the west coast of India surrounded by the Arabian Sea in the West. Gujarat beaches are wonderful and have very scenic beaches. A visit to beaches in Gujarat offers tourists with a golden opportunity to unearth the beauty and translucence of Beaches. Beaches of Guajarat also offer a view of glorious, magnificent sunset. The beaches of Gujarat are rated among the some of the best beach holiday destinations in India. The beaches of Gujarat are thronged with the influence of royal resort spots like the Porbandar, Junagadh, Bhavnagar and Kutch district.

Some of the famous beaches in Gujarat are:

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach
Beyt Dwarka
Diu Beach
Somnath-Veraval Beach
Chorwad Beach
Madhavpur Beach
Gopnath Beach
Kutch Mandvi Beach
Dwarka Beach
Daman Beach
Porbandar Beach
Ghoghla Beach     
Gomtimata Beach
Veraval Beach
Nagoa Beach

Nagoa Beach:

The Nagoa beach is located in the Nagoa hamlet of the Bucharwada village in Diu. Nagoa Beach stretches for about 2 km from one end to the other. This long, palm-fringed beach is very beautiful with its  horse-shoe shape. Nagoa beach is one of the most beautiful with white sand and is perfect for swimming, wading, relaxing and for water sports like jet skiing, knee board surfing, pony and camel riding.

Somnath Beach:

The Somnath beach is unshaded with its scenic beauty. The most magnificent sight of beach is the fishing port. Somnath beach is a  pleasant site with sands, great sea view, camel and pony rides, coconut stalls, and snack shops.

Diu Beach:

The Diu beach is located at a distance of about 125 km from Junagada.  This island of Diu is a beautiful beach holiday destination in Gujarat. A combination of sun, sand and deep blue sea with numerous historic buildings and churches of Portuguese architecture make it one of the most sought after beach holiday destination in Gujarat. The Diu fort located near the beach is worth visiting. This historic fort is a symbol of the power and living testimonial the glory of the 400 years of the British rule.

Gopnath Beach:

Gopnath beach is the most popular beaches of Gujarat famous around the globe for its beautiful seacoast, spectacular limestone cliffs and diverse collection of birds that are found near the coast. The Gopnath beach has firm sands for walking and shallow shore waters for wading. But the high tidal difference of the coast makes the water murky and not very inviting for a long swim. The 700 year old Gopnath temple is perhaps the only one in India with flags of 2 colours a white flag denoting a Vishnu temple and a saffron flag representing a Shiva temple.

Mandwi Beach:

The Mandwi beach is situated on the northern coast of the Gulf of Kutch in Ahmedabad. This beach is one of the prettiest beach of Gujarat which is ideal for beach walk and swimming. It also offers several water sport options like skiing, scooting, surfing, para sailing etc. The beautiful sea attractions over here include lovely blue waters, lots of birdlife, sandy beaches and colourful fishing hamlets in Gujarat beaches.