Diwali : The Festival of Lights in India

Diwali : The Festival of Lights in India

Diwali is one of  the biggest festival in India. Diwali The Ultimate Guide to the Festival of Lights in India Diwali known as Divali, Deepavali or just the fabulous Festival of lights is your chance to experience what all that fuss was about. Book your hostel in India now and see if the bejeweled elephants, bright lights and tasty banquets live up to the hype.

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What is Diwali Festival?

The Ultimate Guide to the Festival of Lights in India Diwali, Divali, Deepavali, the Festival of Lights… whatever you choose to call it, this five-day Hindu festival is one of the most important days on the Indian cultural calendar. In fact, Diwali is an official public holiday not only in India, but in Guyana,  Malaysia, Nepal, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, Myanmar, Surinam and some other countries.

Why we celebrate diwali Festival :

The Festival of Lights in India ,On the spiritual side of things, Diwali marks the return of Hindu Lord Rama to his kingdom  of Ayodhya after defeating demon king Ravana. The event is set to be celebrated as Diwali or deepavali in histoty. This Diwali is celebrated for five continuous days from 21st-25th October 2014 with each day dedicated to a special thought, tradition or ideal. The main feast day is 23rd October. On that day All indian people are celebrated with firing of crackers .

This Diwali celebrated five days

On First day of Deepavali :  Marking the beginning of Diwali festivities, Dhanteras is primarily a celebration of business and wealth.  On that day , houses and business premises will be renovated and decorated with colorful displays, lamp lights and precious metal ornaments.

The Second Day of Diwali : The Second Day of Diwali is also called as Choti Diwali,  As excitement increases on that  day before the main Diwali festival, Hindus will have long early-morning baths, put on new clothes, light multiple candles and burst firecrackers to ward off festival demons.

The Third Day of Diwali : that 3rd of diwali devotees worship the Lakshmi Puja. that day filled with  sweets, food , lights and fun. On this day, Hindu families will clean their homes, light their oil lamps and pay worship to Goddess Lakshmi, who is believed to bring wealth, prosperity and good luck.

The Fourth Day of Diwali: The Fourth Day of Diwali devotes worship Padwa & Goverdhan Puja. The fourth day of Diwali often involves large extended family meals, especially if a new marriage has just taken place.

The Fifth Day of Diwali : The Fifth Day of Diwali is Bhai Duj , on that final day of deepavali  night of Bhai Duj is a celebration of sibling love. On this day, brothers and sisters will give each other gifts,  and joy with friends  and family members .