Different Names of Lord Shiva

Different Names of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva Has different names, 108 Names of Lord Shiva in alphabetical order.

Different Names of Lord Shiva

Aashutosh – who fulfills wishes instantly

Aja – Unborn

Akshayaguna – God with limitless attributes

Anagha – Without any fault

Anantadrishti – Of infinite vision

Augadh – One who revels all the time

Avyayaprabhu – Imperishable Lord


Bhairav – Lord of terror

Bhalanetra – One who has an eye in the forehead

Bholenath – Kind hearted Lord

Bhooteshwara – Lord of ghosts and evil beings

Bhudeva – Lord of the earth

Bhutapala – Protector of the ghosts


Chandrapal – Master of the moon

Chandraprakash – One who has moon as a crest

Dayalu – Compassionate

Devadeva – Lord of the Lords

Dhanadeepa – Lord of Wealth

Dhyanadeep – Icon of meditation and concentration

Dhyutidhara – Lord of Brilliance

Digambara – One who has the skies as his clothes

Durjaneeya – Difficult to be known

Durjaya – Unvanquished


Gangadhara – Lord of River Ganga

Girijapati – Consort of Girija

Gunagrahin – Acceptor of Gunas

Gurudeva – Master of All


Hara – Remover of Sins


Jagadisha -Master of the Universe

Jaradhishamana – Redeemer from Afflictions

Jatin – One who has matted hair


Kailas – One Who Bestows Peace

Kailashadhipati – Lord of Mount Kailash

Kailashnath – Master of Mount Kailash

Kamalakshana – Lotus-eyed Lord

Kantha – Ever-Radiant

Kapalin – One who wears a necklace of skulls

Khatvangin – One who has the missile khatvangin in his hand

Kundalin – One who wears earrings


Lalataksha – One who has an eye in the forehead

Lingadhyaksha – Lord of the Lingas

Lingaraja – Lord of the Lingas

Lokankara – Creator of the Three Worlds

Lokapal – One who takes care of the world


Mahabuddhi – Extremely intelligent

Mahadeva – Greatest God

Mahakala – Lord of All Times

Mahamaya – Of great illusions

Mahamrityunjaya – Great victor of death

Mahanidhi – Great storehouse

Mahashaktimaya – One who has boundless energies

Mahayogi – Greatest of all Gods

Mahesha – Supreme Lord

Maheshwara – Lord of Gods


Nagabhushana – One who has serpents as ornaments

Nataraja – King of the art of dancing

Nilakantha – The one with a blue throat

Nityasundara – Ever beautiful

Nrityapriya – Lover of Dance


Omkara – Creator of OM


Palanhaar – One who protects everyone

Parameshwara – First among all gods first among all gods

Paramjyoti – Greatest splendor

Pashupati – Lord of all living beings

Pinakin – One who has a bow in his hand

Pranava – Originator of the syllable of OM

Priyabhakta – Favorite of the devotees

Priyadarshana – Of loving vision

Pushkara – One who gives nourishment

Pushpalochana – One who has eyes like flowers


Ravilochana – Having sun as the eye

Rudra – The terrible

Rudraksha – One who has eyes like Rudra


Sadashiva – Eternal God

Sanatana – Eternal Lord

Sarvacharya – Preceptor of All

Sarvashiva – Always Pure

Sarvatapana – Scorcher of All

Sarvayoni – Source of Everything

Sarveshwara – Lord of All Gods

Shambhu – Abode of Joy

Shankara – Giver of Joy

Shiva – Always Pure

Shoolin – One who has a trident

Shrikantha – Of glorious neck

Shrutiprakasha – Illuminator of the Vedas

Shuddhavigraha – One who has a pure body

Skandaguru – Preceptor of Skanda

Someshwara – Lord of All Gods

Sukhada – Bestower of happiness

Suprita – Well pleased

Suragana – Having Gods as attendants

Sureshwara – Lord of All Gods

Swayambhu – Self-Manifested


Tejaswani – One who spreads illumination

Trilochana – Three-Eyed Lord

Trilokpati – Master of all the Three Worlds

Tripurari – Enemy of Tripura

Trishoolin – One who has a trident in his hands


Umapati – Consort of Uma


Vachaspati – Lord of Speech

Vajrahasta – One who has a thunderbolt in his hands

Varada – Granter of Boons

Vedakarta – Originator of the Vedas

Veerabhadra – Supreme Lord of the Nether World

Vishalaksha – Wide-eyed Lord

Vishveshwara – Lord of the Universe

Vrishavahana – One who has bull as his vehicle