Aloo Pulao Recipe

Aloo Pulao Recipe

Ingredients required:

2 cups Samwat Rice (Parsai ke chaawal)
2 tsp. Cumin Seeds
4 Cloves
4 green Cardamoms
2 big Potatoes diced
1tsp Rock Salt
2 tsp Red Chili Powder
6 cup Water
Green Coriander to garnish
4 tbsp Ghee
½”inch piece Cinnamon

Aloo Pulao Preparation:

In a pan heat ghee add cloves, cumin seeds, cardamom and cinnamon then add diced potatoes along with rice and stir-fry to a light brown color by adding chilli powder, rock salt, and water, cover the pan with lid cook for about 20 minutes on low flame.

Serve hot by garnishing with green coriander leaves and chilled curd.