5 Things That You Should Offer To Lord Hanuman

5 Things That You Should Offer To Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is known as one of the most powerful gods of all time and it is said that praying to this Lord everyday will make you strong and powerful. Let’s talk about the various avatars of Hanuman that will give you good luck.

Tilak: The tilak you apply to Lord Hanuman should be orange in colour. Doing this regularly will help you get rid of Mangal dosh, if any, and from debts.

Jasmine oil: This boosts concentration of mind. Mix it in sindoor before applying it on Lord Hanuman.

Sweets: Laddoo, jaggery, chana and guava can be offered to please him.

Basil: You can offer a tulsi garland on Lord Hanuman on Tuesday. Later, you can use the basil leaves for consumption.

Red flag: It should be triangular and the word ‘Ram’ should be written on it. It helps you get early money and if placed on a vehicle, saves you from accidents.

If a picture shows Hanuman bowing his head in front of Rama and Sita, it means that praying to this avatar of Hanuman will do away with all your misfortune.

For career related issues, promotions and better salary, pray to a picture of Hanuman that has a white background. The picture can have the Lord wearing coloured clothes though.

Since Hanuman was unmarried, his picture should not be kept in the bedroom of a couple. Only a separate puja room should have his picture.

Praying to a picture of Hanuman which sees him lost in the devotion of Lord Rama will give him peace and concentration — this will also help you take good decision in life.

Praying to a picture that showcases the physical strength of Hanuman gives one strength to endure any pain — both physical and mental.

If Hanuman is seen praying to the Sun God in any picture, it promotes the health, wealth and prosperity in a person — it also helps to better a person’s education in life.

Praying to a picture that shows the face of Hanuman in the North direction helps get you the blessings of all the gods and goddesses.

Praying to a picture that shows the face of Hanuman in the Southern direction removes fear of death in an individual.

Hanuman is known to remove all fear inside you so chant the Hanuman Chalisa whenever you feel stressed — it will instantly calm you down.

For those who have problems in their marriage — one should chant the Hanuman Chalisa as much as they can.

Praying to Lord Hanuman also sorts out your career and also makes your family life happier.

Chanting of hanuman chalisa makes you feel confident and also gives you peace of mind. It is perfect remedy for a depressed or anxious soul.