Why is Puja Important

Why is Puja Important

Puja means worship, it is a sanskrit word, which means honour, reverence or adoration of Lord.

Puja is the common term used for the ritual worship, which has the synonyms such as Archana, Vandana, Bhajana, etc.,

Puja is worship the Ishta Devata or guiding Deity or the particular form of the Deity. Some Vaishnava devotees worships the God in form of Narayana or Vishnu or his other forms such as Rama and Krishna. The Lord Siva in his eight forms in the case of Saivas and Devi in the case of Saktas.

The devotee have Kuladeva or Kuladevi, also kownn as family Deva or Devi to worship. In some cases the Devata is chosen for him by his Guru or spiritual preceptor and sometimes, the devotee himself chooses that Devata which most appeals to him.

Puja is performed to an image or Pratima of God or a picture or an emblem such as Saligrama in the case of Vishnu worship or Linga in the case of worship of Siva.

Puja is a ritual worship of God, which keeps us in harmony of cosmic forces, removing and overcoming the sorrows and bringing spiritual uplifment in life.

Puja creates the spiritual vibrations and forces around us, which eliminates the negative forces and surrounds us with positive energy. The positive energy gives a piece of mind.