Tourist Places In Orissa

Orissa Information and Tourist Places

Orissa is a state of India, located on the east coast of India, by the Bay of Bengal. Orissa is the ninth largest state by area in India, and the eleventh largest by population. Oriya is the official and most widely spoken language. Orissa has a relatively unindented coastline and lacks good ports, except for the deepwater facility at Paradip.

Orissa Tourism

Orissa was originally named Odia, which was a more modern way of referring to the Odra tribes. The Odra tribes were located in the center of what is now known as Orissa.


Orissa provide decent and comfortable accommodation. Orissa is one of the most-visited states in India. It is obvious that those who come here will look for accommodation too.

There are innumerable places to stay in Orissa, ranging from 5-star hotels to Government tourist bungalows. The major accommodation options that will be available to tourists in Orissa. Travelers will find hotels in almost each and every city of Orissa. These hotels range from 5-star hotels that have every possible amenity in the world to the budget ones that provide you cheap accommodation. The cheap hotels are equipped with standard modern facilities to ensure comfort and relaxation to all the tourists.

Tourist attractions:

Orissa is a very beautiful to travelers for visiting places. There are many tourist attractions in orissa. Travelers view the all type of places in here.

Temples in Orissa:

There are many temples are located in Orissa. Like Jagannath Temple,
Konark Temple, Lingaraj Temple, Mukteswar Temple, Rajarani Temple these are the main famous tourist attractions in Orissa. These temples are very famous to orissa peoples. The Rajarani Temple was once called the Indreswara temple and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Buddhist Sites in Orissa:

Orissa might not have many Buddhist sites. Dhauli is the most important Buddhist site in Orissa. Dhauli is famous as the place where the War of Kalinga took place. Lalitgiri is among the oldest Buddhist settlement in the world. Ratnagiri was once an important Buddhist center. Just 18 km from Cuttack, the town turns out to be a great option for day excursion from the city.Udayagiri is an important Buddhist site in Orissa.


Chilka Lake is a brackish water lagoon, spread over the Puri, Khurda and Ganjam districts of Orissa state on the east coast of India. It is the largest coastal lagoon in India and the second largest lagoon in the World. The lake is home to a number of threatened species of plants and animals. The lake is an ecosystem with large fishery resources.

Puri Beach:

Puri is the abode of Lord Jagannath and considered one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage destinations. Puri is one of the most revered pilgrim destinations in India. One of the most popular as well as most revered of these beaches is the Puri Beach.

Food items:

The people of Orissa are the staple food of Rice paired with vegetables. The curd here is rich and creamy and gives the succulent flesh an additional flavor. Along with curd and coconut milk, people are very fond of sweets as well. Typical desserts consist of Chhenapoda, Rasabali, Chhenajhilli and Pitha.

Main course consists of rice or along with dal, bhaji, chapatti, bharta, and dessert. The kitchen of famous Jagannath temple in Puri is considered to be the largest in the world. Orissa cuisine offers a variety of desserts like Rasabali, Chhana Gaja, Chhanna Poda, Chhana Kheeri which is made with cubes of ricotta cheese, Jalebi made with kneaded ricotta cheese.


Shopping in Orissa must include the handicrafts and handlooms. A rich aesthetic sense and glimpses of the tradition of Orissa is reflected in their handlooms and handicrafts. The markets of Orissa offer something for everyone. The most popular item for shopping in Orissa is definitely the exquisite handloom products of varied nature. The textiles having the Applique work on them really prove to be enchanting gifts. The most popular thing that shoppers prefer to buy while shopping in Orissa, India is the variety of exquisite handloom products of the state.