Tourist Places In Haryana

Haryana Information and Tourist Places

Haryana is a state in northern India. It is bordered by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to the north, and by Rajasthan to the west and south. The capital of the state is Chandigarh which is administered as a union territory and is also the capital of Punjab. It is one of the most industrialized states of India, and is considered to be the current growth engine of India.

Haryana Tourism

Haryana is an ideal place for pilgrimage, adventure and fun. Haryana is now a leading contributor to the country’s production of food grain and milk. There are also long established steel and textile industries in the state.


The state offers a list of weekend gateways with good hotels in Haryana. Many large and wide range hotels are located in Haryana. Most of such hotels are run by the State Government. There are some private hotels also. Most of the luxury hotels in Haryana are located in and around Gurgaon, the fast-developing industrial city of the state. Haryana tourism providing business facilities these hotels also offer excellent accommodation and warm and gracious customer services.

Tourist attractions:

Badhkal Lake: Badhkal Lake in Faridabad District of Haryana is one of the popular tourist getaways near Delhi. Badkhal Lake is also a bird watchers paradise. Manicured gardens and a serene ambience surround the lake.

Dumdama Lake: The Damdama Lake is a tranquil gray-green water body fading into a bunch of misty mounds in Haryana. It is one of the biggest natural lakes in Haryana and seals a depression in the Aravalli hills, forming an outstanding milieu to its composed waters. Birds like Cormorants, Terns, Egrets and Kingfishers are regular to the Damdama Lake.

Tilyar Lake: Tilyar Lake is one of the major tourist attractions in the Indian state of Haryana. It is located close to the city of Rohtak in Haryana. It is also an excellent spot for watching a variety of birds that flock on the little island located in the middle of the lake.

Panchkula: Panchkula is a planned city in Panchkula District, Haryana, India. It is a satellite city of the Union Territory of Chandigarh. The origin of the name Panchkula is based on the five irrigation canals that take water from the Ghaggar in the uphill section and distribute it from Nada Sahib to Mansa Devi.

Gurudwara Shri Nadha Sahib, Panchkula

Surajkund: Surajkund Crafts Mela is one of the largest crafts fair in India that is held every year in the Surajkund district of Haryana. Surajkund is a small village.

Kurukshetra: Kurukshetra is a district in Haryana state of India. It is the battle ground between the Pandavas and the Kauravas as mentioned in the great Indian epic the Mahabharata. The land of Kurukshetra was separated between two rivers — the Sarasvati and the Drishadvati.

kurukshetra in Haryana

Panipat: Panipat is an ancient and historic city in Panipat District, Haryana state, India. Three fabled battles of Panipat remain important landmarks in the history of India. The first between Babar and Ibrahim Lodhi paved the way for the great Mughal Empire in India.

Food items:

The people of Haryana traditionally eat. Breakfast is a common feature, especially for working people. Famous Saag is common as is milk, curd and buttermilk. The afternoon meal is usually a simple affair yet again, but at night the menu can be very varied with meat and vegetables sitting side by side. The lip-smacking Aloo-ki-Tikiyass are other favorites. Mixed Dals is eaten with hot Ghee. The traditional breads are eaten are Chapatis and poories. The evening meal – normally after a hefty drinking bout for the men – is another simple affair ofkhichri of bajra and moong or rice.


Shopping in Haryana can turn out to be delightful experience. The handloom of Haryana has gained nationwide fame and is a must-buy item for those who want to do shopping in Haryana. The Shopping Malls in Gurgaon are gearing ahead to soothe the shopping spree of not only the populace, but also of the visitors to the city. The shopping malls in Gurgaon are lending a major boost to the retail industry.