Tekdi Ganesh Temple in Nagpur

Tekdi Ganesh Temple in Nagpur

An ancient and famous Hindu temple of Tekdi Ganesh is also known as ‘Tekadicha Ganpati’ which has an immense importance in Nagpur city. The temple is located at Nagpur city of Maharashtra. A few years ago, the idol of Lord Ganpati was identified below the Shami tree.

Later, the ancient idol of Ganesh was re-established it was considered as the deity of Nagpur  town. The temple carries huge importance among Nagpurians who daily visit this temple. The name Tekdi Ganpati is attributed to its location as the temple stands on a hill which is called Tekdi in the Marathi language.

The idol at Ganesh Mandir Tekdi is known as the Swayambhu – and there’s a wonderful reason behind the same. It is said that when the Sitaburdi hill was being broken down by dynamite blasts to build the railway station, this idol was found in the ground after one such explosion at the site. Swayambhu means ‘something made/formed on its own’.

So, Nagpur – it’s time to pay a visit to this amazing landmark and pay your respects to this wonderful form of Lord Ganesha, who appeared right from the heart of the Sitaburdi hill to always look over our Orange City.

Though a lot of Nagpurkars believe that the temple is one of the oldest around, that is in fact a big myth. Though the idol of the lord Ganesha is very old, the temple dates back to the recent 1970s. Major construction work was undertaken in the following years and it got its current form in 1984 after generous donations from all corners of the society to build the temple.