Shakkar Pare Recipe

Shakkar Pare Recipe

Ingredients Required:

Whole wheat flour   2 cups
Maida                    2 ½ cup
Sugar                    1 cup
Water                    1 cup
Saunf                     1 tsp
Ghee                     ½ cup
Ghee for deep fry

Shakkar Pare Preparation:

Blend all the ingredients of wheat flour, maida, saunf without mixing sugar with water, and knead it into a soft dough. Now make small portions of the dough into equal parts and roll out into thick chappatis, without using any dry flour. Cut the rolled out chappatis with a cookie cutter or knife, into small diamond shapes. Keep the cut out pieces of chapattis with the help of stapula aside on a dry cloth, for about one hour.

Make the sugar syrup by adding water over medium flame till the syrup becomes thickens, put off the flame and keep it aside. In a deep fry pan add ghee, heat it and put the cut chapattis in hot ghee and fry on low flame, until light golden brown. Remove from ghee and drain well and then dip them in sugar syrup.

Shakkar Pare are ready, set them aside to cool and then store in an air tight container.