Semiya Payasam Recipe

Semiya Payasam,

Semiya Kheer,

or Vermicelli Pudding

Ingredients for preparing Semiya Payasam :

Thick Semiya or Vermicelli 1 Cup
Milk 5 Cups
Sugar 2 Cups
Kaju or Cashew 10 to 12
Kishmish or Raisins 10 to 12
Choti Elaichi or Green Cardamom 6 to 8
Ghee 2 tea spoons

Semiya Payasam preparation method:

Semiya Payasam Recipe
Semiya Payasam Recipe

Heat Ghee in a heavy bottomed vessel and fry the cashews(you can split into two) to light brown.

Add the semiya and roast till it turns light brown.

Then add the milk and kishmish.

After one boil, simmer the flame and cook till the semiya is cooked soft.

Add the sugar and mix well till it dissolves and add cardamon powder (peeled and powdered).

Turn off and serve the Semiya Kheer or Vermicelli pudding warm or chilled.