Sakinalu Recipe

Sakinalu Recipe

Ingredients to prepare Sakinalu:

Rice  4 cups
Sesame seeds  1/4 cup
Ajwain  1 tea spoon
Salt  2 tea spoon
Water  as per requirement
Oil  for deep fry


Sakinalu preparation Method :

Sakinalu Recipe
Sakinalu Recipe

Soak the rice in water about 6 to 8 hours,  drain the water and dry the rice in a cotton cloth about 2 hours.

Grind the dried rice into fine powder Mixie or Mill.

Add Sesame seeds, Ajwain, salt and water to make a smooth dough.

Heat Oil in a pan.

Then drop sakinalu into the oil with sakinalu maker.

Deep fry them till golden colour.

You can store sakinalu in a airtight container till one month.