Purnnam Kajjakayalu Recipe

Purnnam Kajjakayalu Recipe

Ingredients required:

2 cups Chena dal
2 ½ cups Jaggery powder
1 tsp cardamom powder
2 cups Maida
2 tsp cashews chopped
2 tsp Ghee

Purnam kajjikayalu Preparation:

Cook chena dal with water in a pressure cooker till soft. Let it cool for sometime, then add jaggery to the cooked chena dal and grind to fine paste and add cardomon powder. This paste is called purnam.

In a pan heat 1 tsp of ghee, add cashews nuts and roast to golden brown colour and pour this to chenna dal paste and heat the paste on low flame till thickens, then put off flame and keep aside.

Now make a firm dough with maida flour, ghee and water. Make small balls and roll as puri then stuff purnam in the middle, then close and cut the sides in the shape of half moon then deep fry them in oil. Purnam kajjikayalu ready.