Parammanum (sweet pongal) Recipe

Parammanum (sweet pongal) Recipe

Ingredients Required:

Raw Rice    – 1 cup
Jaggery      -1 ½ cup
Ghee         – ½ cup
Water        – 2 cups
Cashewnut – 2 tsp
Milk          – 1 cup
Raisins      – 2 tsps.
Moong Dal – 2 tsp.
Cardamom powder – 2 tsps

Parammanum Preparation:

First dry roast raw rice and moong dal in a pan without adding any oil and ghee. Then wash the rice in water and drain the water. Now add water and milk to the roasted mixture of rice and let it get boiled till it becomes soft.

Then add jaggery to the mixture and stir constantly, let it cook for 5 minutes. Now add ghee, fried raisins, cashew nuts and cardamom powder to the mixture and remove from flame.

Serve hot hot Parammanum is ready to serve.