Pappulo Undrallu Recipe

Vinayaka chavithi special Pappulo Undrallu Recipe

Ingredients for preparation of Pappulo Undrallu recipe:

For Undrallu:  
Home made Rice flour  1 cup
Grated Jaggery  4 to 5 table spoons
Water  2 cups
Salt  a pinch
Oil/Ghee  1 tea spoon
For Payasam:  
Yellow Moong dal  1 cup
Grated fresh Coconut  1/2 cup
Water/Milk  1 1/2 cup
Grated Jaggery  1 cup +  4 table spoon
Elaichi powder  1/4 tsp


Pappulo Undrallu preparation method:

pappulo undrallu recipe
pappulo undrallu recipe

To prepare Undrallu: 

In a vessel boil water, salt and oil.

Reduce the heat and add jaggery and rice flour and leave it as it is for 10-12 minutes over medium heat.

After that take the above dough a little in your hand, make small balls with fingers.

If the dough keeps sticking to you hand, smear little oil to your fingers to continue making the balls.

Now place the balls in steamer in a pressure cooker without any lid on the vessel.

Sprinkle one or two tea spoons of ghee on the top of the balls and steam it for 10-15 minutes.

Once the pressure drops open the cooker and place the steamer(vessel) aside.

To prepare moong dal payasam:

Soak moong dal in water for 15 minutes and Pressure cook for 3 whistles or cook it on stove up until it is cooked very soft. Drain the excess water and mash the moong dal nicely.

Boil 1 cup of water(strained from moong dal) and add jaggery and cook it on low flame until the jaggery is melted.

Add mashed moong dal to it ,mix and bring the mixture to a boil.

Add steamed rice balls and grated fresh coconut and cook for 6-8 minutes until they absorb all the flavours and starts floating up.

You can add more milk if required.

Add Elaichi powder and mix well and remove from flame.

Now Pappulo undrallu is ready to serve.

Serve it warm or at room temperature.