Ksheraramam Temple History

Ksheraramam Temple History


Ksheraramam is the one the temple of Pancharamalu or Pancharama Kshetras. Ksheraramam is the famous Lord Shiva Temple situated in Palakollu, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. In Kshiraramam, Lord Shiva is worshipped as Kshira Rama Lingeshwara Swamy.

Lord Vishnu established the Shivalinga. And it is believed that staying one day in Kshirarama temple is equivalent to staying one year in Varanasi. Ksheeraramam is the one of the centrally protected monuments of national importance.

The Temple tower is the one of the tallest among the temple towers in Andhra Pradesh. The height of the temple is 120 feet and 9 floors. It was constructed during the Chalukya period during the reign of Chalukya Bheema.

The Shivaling is a unique, it is in milky white colour and the tallest. The temple mandapa has 72 pillars made of black stone. Inside the Temple, the garbhalaya, Gokarneshwara and Vigneshwara alayas are at the left. Kshiralingam is in the center. To the right are Subramanya Swamy and Janardhana Swamy alayas are there. The Nandi is at the centre.

In Kshirarama, Mahasivaratri is an important festival. Thousands of people offer prayers to seek the blessings of the Lord Shri Ksheera Ramalingeswara Swamy to attain Mukthi.