Understanding the concepts of Karma and Rebirth

Understanding the concepts of Karma and Rebirth

The concepts of Karma and rebirth are the origin of Hinduism which is also accepted by Buddhism and Jainism religions. The concepts of Karma and rebirth are two major pillars of Hindu philosophy. One can also observe in life that when you have really done a good job and expect a positive outcome, you may get something contrary to it. Karma means a work or action which or when you perform it is bound to show the result. If you are the active person of karma with a desire, you are to own up the result it produces. Good karma will get you good effects and bad karma will get you bad consequences. Karma and Rebirth as artifacts of cultural mythology and religion.

karma and rebirth

Karma is that you are bound by the effects of karma only if you have attachment or personal motive or desire behind doing karma. There are three categories of karma as Prarabhdha Karma, Sanchita Karma and Akamya Karma.

Prarabhdha Karma:

The effects which have already started to take place in the birth are known as Prarabhdha Karma.

Sanchita Karma:

All those accumulated Karmas done in the previous births and done already in the present birth, except such of those for which Prarabhdha has started taking effect already, are the Sanchita Karmas. Sanchita Karmas are the potential Prarabhdhas for the future.

Akamya Karma:

Any Karma that you are currently doing or going to do in the future are Akamya Karmas; Once done, they become Sanchita Karmas.

Secular Buddhist’s view the concepts of the Wheel of Life. Rebirth has always been an important principle in Buddhism; and it is often referred to as walking the wheel of life.  Rebirth is the concept that all living things are eternally born again and again in one form or another. This process continues until Nirvana is reached, which signifies the cessation of rebirth and, hence, the end of suffering.

The concept of rebirth is unfamiliar to most Western people. Its philosophical and traditional foundation is found in India, where the theory of transmigration of souls had presumably existed long before it was written down in the Upanishads around 300 BC.