Traditions in Andhra Pradesh

Traditions in Andhra Pradesh

Indian men and women have always loved to dress up in their traditional costumes, attires and accessories during festivals and other occasions which are an integral part of Indian life. Recently, Indian costumes have been successful in attracting the attention of and capturing the global market. Andhra Pradesh is a representation of true soul of India as it is the home of diverse cultures of India. The common costumes of Andhra Pradesh are Sari and Blouse for women and Dhoti and kurta for men.

A saree is a 5 1/2 meter cloth entangling the woman with serpentine viciousness. Women of all cultures and faiths in Andhra Pradesh typically wear the traditional Indian dress, the sari. Some Muslim women put on salwar kammez dupatta.The art of draping the saree is in it an expression of woman’s creativity. The word saree is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘sati’. This fourth largest state of India, displays a wide spectrum of varied population, residing in this land, with their diverse cultural heritage. These ethnic sarees are made at different places and are mostly famous by the names of these places. Apart from a Saree women in Andhra Pradesh wear multiple ornaments like bangles, necklaces and bindi on the forehead. Tradition prescribes different types of ornaments for ears based on the age of the individual woman. A girl wears pogulu (rings) before attaining puberty, gunnalu (hanging pendants) after post puberty, kammalu (tops) after marriage and padigelu (thick ear rings) as she grows grey in hair.

Women on their forehead wear bindi which is considered to be highly auspicious mark in Hindu religion. Bindi is considered as a representation of third eye. Married Hindu women wear sindoor at the end of the hair line and forehead. Sindoor expresses a woman’s desire for a long life of her husband. The sindoor is first applied to a woman by her husband on the day of her wedding.

Bangles are the traditional ornaments worn by woman. Bangles are part of Indian tradition. They are usually worn in pairs by women on each arm. Most Indian women prefer wearing either gold or glass bangles or combination of both. Bangles made from plastic are slowly replacing those made by glass. Bangles made of glass are preferred at traditional occasions such as marriages and on festivals. Wearing of bangles is considered must for a married woman.

A woman without accessories is incomplete. Ear-rings, bangles, bindi, sindoor, flowers and jewellery gives a woman everything that needs to enhance her beauty in Andhra Pradesh.