Yadagirigutta Temple

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Yadagirigutta Temple


The Yadagirigutta Temple is situated at a height of about 300 feet on a small hill in the Nalgonda district , Telangana State.   69 kilometers away from Hyderabad. It is near Warangal. The temple is a well-known tourist place  as well as a devotee  location, attracting  both in a   huge number  on a regular basis. From the egend, the five forms of Narasimha have been finely sculpted into idols and these are placed here in the temple. The devotees are used to be  worshipped here  and are known as  Pancha  Narasimha Kshetram.

Yadagirigutta Temple

The principal shrine and main attraction of the temple is the Lord  Lakshmiranasimha, who devotees supposed to be  able to cure many terminal illnesses, and even mental or disturbing  problems. The locals  believes that by worshipping in this holy place for 40 days will cure anyone of any ancient illness.

Legend here is like ,  Lord Narasimha was satisfied with the hermit’s devotion and materialized in five different forms. The five different forms are Jwala, Yogananda, Lakshminarasimha, Gandabherunda and Ugra. As legend goes, the first form of Narasimha was so fiery that the yogi wanted him to appear him in a peaceful form. He then appeared in the form of Yoganarasimha, but the yogi was not satisfied and he requested  to see him with his counterpart i.e. Goddess Lakshmi. So Narasimha appeared with goddess Lakshmi on his lap. It is said that these three Narasimha forms were so fiery that the hermit could not endure it. Hence, they are worshipped inside the cave.

Legends aside,

At the innermost sanctum of the temple, at top the Sikharam, the golden Sudarshana Chakra of Lord Vishnu glows. The decoration (as well as weapon) is about 3 feet by 3 feet in dimension and it is the symbol by which the temple is recognized by, from as far as 6 kilometers away. A legend about the chakra is that many years ago, it moved in the direction from  where  the devotees came, very much like a compass that guided them to the temple.

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