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Narada Temple in Karnataka

Narada Temple in Karnataka

The Karnataka state of India has temple that enshrines to the Divine Sage Narada in Narada Temple located at Naradagadde which is about 48 kms from Raichur. The Narada Temple most scenic islands on the Krishna River with its beautiful location that attracts devotees and tourists. The Narada Temple was built with a belief that Sage Narada performed penance near this place.

History of Sage Narada:

The celestial sage of Hindu mythology, Narada is said to have sprung from the forehead of Lord Brahma, the Creator. Sage Narada chants the name of ‘Narayana’, constantly, name for Lord Vishnu. Sage Narada is depicted as a celestial musician of the musical instrument, veena and he constantly roams around the three worlds of Heaven, Earth and Hell. According ton the Hindu Mythology, sage Narada is depicted as sharp, very intellectual and is a playfulness character who would be the cause of quarrels among gods.

In India there are two temples dedicated to Sage Narada, one is in Karnataka at Naradagadde and the other in Madhya Pradesh as Naraddev Temple.